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Spitfire Mk.IXe MA793


Type: VS361

Engine: Packard Merlin 66

Serial/Reg. MA793/N930LB

Sqdn-code: 308 - 31st Fighter Group USAAF

Currently: airworthy


Spitfire Mk IXc/e MA793 Registration N930LB. MA793 is the only currently flying Spitfire confirmed to have operated with the US Army Air Force. MA793 was delivered to 6 MU in July 1943, and then sent to the Mediterranean to operate with the Mediterranean Allied Air Force. It was transferred to USAAF charge between October 1943 and May 1944. After the War, MA793 was sold to South Africa, but never actually flew, and after being stripped for spares ended like a number of airframes, as a children's playground toy. MA793 was spotted from the air by Andrew Smulian in 1967, and removed. After an extensive restoration to flying condition MA793 returned to the air in September 1975. Currently in the workshop again, it is owned by Transportes Aereos Regional, in Brazil.

Current location Transportes Aereos Regional, Brazil airworthy.

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