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Serial Range R5768 - R5917 Manchester I/Lancaster I

100 Manchesters were ordered from Metropolitan Vickers in 1939 and built as 43 Manchester I and 57 Lancaster I delivered from March 1941 to August 1942 to A. V. Roe for assembly and testing.


Manchester I

R5768 - Avro Mar41, 83Sq Apr42, 1660CU (TV-A), SOC Nov43

R5769 - 25OTU Mar42; 106, 50, 98Sqs; 1661CU, SOC Dec43. 285hrs.

R5770 - 106Sq, Flown by Wg/Cdr Guy Gibson, Crash 1660CU 4Jul43



The fourth Metrovick Production Manchester R5771


R5771 - 25OTU; 48, 420, 57Sqs; 1654CU, 2AGS Aug43, became 3746M

R5772 - 49Sq, 25OTU, 1654CU, Crashed near Wigsley 26Jan43

R5773 - RAE, TDU Gosport May42, became 3892M

R5774 - TDU Apr42, 11 SofTT, became 3890M

R5775 - 49, 83Sqs; 1654/60CU's, 3STT, became 4281M

R5776 - Avro Aug41, 1654 Con Flt, 1654CU, became 3745M

R5777 - Avro Jul41, 1654CU Jun42, 39MU, 1654CU, SOC Oct43

R5778 - Avro Sep41, 50Sq 25Jan42, Missing 9May42

R5779 - Avro Sep41, 83Sq(OL-G) Dec41, Missing 9Mar42

R5780 - 8, 106, 49, 57Sqs; 1656 Con Flt. Crashed Lichfield 19Oct42

R5781 - Avro Aug41, 83Sq Jan 42, Missing 28/29Mar42

R5782 - 207, 50Sqs Mar42, Missing (Hamburg) 17/18Apr42

R5783 - Avro Sep41, 97Sq (OF-V) Sep41, the aircraft took off from Coningsby at 1822 on the evening of 20th October 1941. It forced landed at 0030 on marshland at Friskney some 8 miles south-west of Skegness. This was the second Manchester incident involving this crew in a little over a month. No injuries were reported. Crew: Sgt G H Hartley, Sgt Appleyard, Sgt J Canham, Sgt Dean, Sgt Baker, Sgt Mayland, Sgt Gross. See L7459

R5784 - 61, 50, 9, 57Sqs; 1485Flt, 1660CU, 9AFU, became 3984M



R5784 of No50 Squadron, Hinton-on-the-Hedges July 1942


R5785 - Avro Sep41, 61Sq Oct41, Missing 11Apr42. 140hrs.

R5786 - 61Sq Oct41, 50Sq Apr42, 1654CU, SOC 28Jan43

R5787 - 61Sq Oct41, Missing on Brest raid 31Jan/1Feb 42

R5788 - 83, 49Sqs; 1660CU, 1AFU Jul43, became 3983M

R5789 - Delivered to 61Sq on 20th October 1941. On the 9th January 1942 the aircraft took off from RAF North Luffenham near Stamford, Rutland for a raid on Cherbourg. While on its outbound journey the starboard engine caught fire and the heavily laden aircraft began to lose height. The pilot was reluctant to jettison the bomb load for fear of injuring people on the ground, but as a precaution he ordered his crew to bale out. Anecdotal evidence would suggest that the aircraft was probably making for Boscombe Down but as they were losing height decided to try for Upavon. The two pilots then tried to make an emergency landing, but in the pitch black conditions they failed to see a line of trees and the aircraft crashed at 0620 at Wiltshire Cross near Shipton Bellinger, Wiltshire. One of the crew made his way to a local farm in order to let the authorities know. Meanwhile three local boys, all brothers, had seen the fireball and were making their way to the crash site when the burning ammunition started to cook off, unfortunately the elder brother was killed by a stray round. The crew which baled out and survived were: - F/O C A Giles, Sgt Lorrimer, Sgt Fryer, P/O S P Walsh, Sgt J Brown and P/O Lancaster. The pilot and co-pilot who were tragically killed were: - P/O D S Matthews (DFM), P/O T I R Wilson.

R5790 - 207, 83, 49, 44Sqs; 1661CU, became 3774M

R5791 - 207Sq(EM-V); 1457/85Flts, 1654CU, became 4001M

R5792 - Delivered to 97Sq on the 29th October 1941, This aircraft crashed at 11:55 on 24th November 1941 at Walpole St. Andrew, 7 miles WSW of Kings Lynn, Norfolk following a mid air collision with Hurricane I, V6864 from 57 OTU flown by Sgt G A Johnstone, who also died in the tragedy. Crew: F/O H T Hill , Sgt A C Smith , Sgt J Newton , Sgt F Holt , Sgt F E Martin , Sgt J Few , Sgt E C Hutton (RAAF) .

R5793 - 25OTU; 49, 83Sqs; 1656CU, 39MU, SOC May43

R5794 - 25OTU, 49Sq, Missing (Essen) 2Jun42. 137hrs.

R5795 - Delivered to 97Sq (OF-W) in November 1941, the aircraft took off from Waddington at 0930 on 18th December 1941 on a raid to Brest. It was shot down bt Me109's and came down in the sea roughly 6kms off Brest. Those who died are commemorated on the Runnymede memorial. P/O Stokes was an Australian serving with the RAF. Crew: P/O N G Stokes , Sgt G P Thomas (RAAF) (pow), Sgt T M Wade (RAAF) (pow), F/S I Hewitt (RCAF)(pow), Sgt M R Heinish (RCAF) , Sgt G G Fell .

R5796 - 207(EM-W), 106, 57, 50Sqs; 1654/60CU's, SOC Nov43

R5797 - Ringway  Feb42, Became 3778M

R5829 - 25OTU Dec41, 1654 Con Flt, 3AGS, SOC Jul43



Avro Manchester 1a R5830 (Damage suffered whilst with 83 squadron)


R5830 - AAEE Jan42, 83Sq Feb42, 1656CU, SOC Nov43

R5831 - 83Sq(OL-I) 9Jan42, Missing 25/26Mar42. 82hrs.

R5832 - 61Sq Jan42, 1660CU Oct42, became 3744M. 410hrs.

R5833 - 207, 50Sqs; Lost mining near Ile de Quiberon 5/6Jun42

R5834 - 61Sq 28Jan42, SOC May42

R5835 - 207, 83, 49, 408Sqs; 1654/61CU's; SOC Oct43. 471hrs.

R5836 - 83, 49Sqs; 1661CU, Wrecked landing Scampton 1Dec42

R5837 - 83Sq(OL-R) 13Feb42, In sea off Frisian Isles 8/9Oct42

R5838 - 83, 9Sqs; 1661CU, Overshot Wickenby 12Mar42. Crew OK.

R5839 - 106Sq Mar42, 49Sq, 1661CU, SOC Oct43. 299hrs.

R5840 - 106Sq 28Mar42, Lost mining on 3/4May42

R5841 - 106Sq, 1660CU, Crashed at Swinderby on fire 11Apr43


Lancaster I

R5842 - Avro 5Jan42, 61Sq Mar42, 44/49 Con Flts, 1661CU, 5LFS, 46MU, AAEE(ETPS), Crashed 27Mar46

R5843 - 61Sq, 50 Con Flt, 1654CU, Missing 18Jan43

R5844 - 61Sq, 97Sq Con Flt, 106Sq Con Flt, Missing 2Jun42

R5845 - 97Sq, 1660CU, 3LFS, 90Sq, 1656/67CU's, SOC Sep45

R5846 - 61, 44Sqs; 1661/68/54CU's; 15, 622, 75Sqs; 5LFS, 3LFS; Collided mid-air with R5674, Hockwold, Norfolk, 18Dec44

R5847 - Woodford 19Mar42, 207Sq 3May42, SOC 6Jun42

R5848 - 106Sq May42, 1660CU Oct42, SOC 11Apr43. 292hrs.

R5849 - R-R 24Apr42, Caught fire near Hucknall 11Jan43. 422hrs.

R5850 - 83, 44Sqs; 1661CU, Burnt Winthorpe 19Feb43. 229hrs.

R5851 - 50 Con Flt, 1654CU, 46MU, 1668CU, 1LFS, Crash 14Mar44

R5852 - 207Sq(EM-R), 83Sq(OL-Y). Overshot Condover 10Sep42

R5853 - Con Flts, 1660CU, 576Sq, 1LFS, 1667/51CU's, SOC Oct45

R5854 - 97Sq Con Flt, 1660CU, 1668CU(CE-C), became 4864M

R5855 - 49Sq Con Flt, 1661CU, 5/6LFS, 231Sq, SSMar49

R5856 - 83Sq, 1660CU, 61Sq(QR-Q), Lost (St Leu) 8Jul44. 559hrs.

R5857 - 83Sq(OL-F) 1Jun42, Burnt in crash 7Nov42. 179hrs.

R5858 - 44Sq, Ditched 200miles west of Ireland 14Jun41. 18hrs.

R5859 - 61Sq 3Jun42, Damaged on operations 7Dec42. 197hrs.

R5860 - 207Sq 8Jun42, Down in North Sea 21Jun42

R5861 - 106Sq Jun42, Missing 8/9Jul42. 41hrs

R5862 - 44Sq, 1660CU, 166Sq, Missing (Berlin) 21Jan44. 328hrs.

R5863 - 207Sq, Crashed at Normanton on night flight 19Aug42

R5864 - 106, 61Sqs, Blown up at Syerston 8Dec42

R5865 - 207, 57Sqs; 1661CU, 46MU, 1668CU, became 4950M

R5866 - 61Sq, 1654/67CU's, 1LFS, Crashed 25Sep44. 1140hrs.

R5867 - 207Sq 1Jul42, Missing 24Jul42. 37hrs.

R5868 - 83Sq(OL-Q), 467Sq(PO-S), 144ops, Preserved at Hendon. Survivor.

R5888 - 61Sq 6Jul42, Missing 11Sep42. 127hrs.

R5889 - 49, 97Sqs;1661CU, Burnt in crash 9Jul43. 519hrs.

R5890 - 49Sq 7Jul42, Missing 17Sep42. 137hrs.

R5891 - 1654CU Jul42, Crashed 23Jul42

R5892 - 49Sq 13Jul42, 1661CU Feb43, SOC Feb43. 86hrs.

R5893 - 1654CU, 46MU, 1667CU, 1LFS, Crash Jan44, SOC May47

R5894 - 49, 9, 57Sqs; Hit high tension cable, Riseholme, 2Mar43

R5895 - 97 Con Flt, 1660CU, 38MU, 207Sq, Lost 22Jan44. 381hrs.

R5896 - 97Sq, 1660CU Apr43, 15Sq Dec43, SOC 7Apr44

R5897 - 49Sq 28Jul42, Missing 29Aug42. 42hrs.

R5898 - 49Sq Jul42, 44Sq Jan43, Missing 9Apr43. 308hrs.

R5899 - 106Sq 29Jul42, Lost mining 18Sep42. 78hrs.

R5900 - 106Sq 4Aug42, Crashed 18Jan43

R5901 - 49Sq Aug42, 39MU, 44Sq Apr43, Missing 19Oct43. 418hrs.

R5902 - 50Sq(VN-T) 5Aug42, Missing 13Oct42. 88hrs.

R5903 - 44Sq(KM-R) 8Aug42, Lost (Osnabruck) 6/7Oct42. 123hrs.

R5904 - 9Sq, 1661CU Nov42, 15Sq, Missing 21Jul44. 504hrs.

R5905 - 44Sq(KM-R) Sep42, Missing (Wismar) 23/24Sep42. 43hrs.

R5906 - 106, 15, 622Sqs; 1660CU, 3LFS, 38MU, Scrap May47

R5907 - 83Con Flt, 9Sq Aug42. Hit by flak 23/24Sep42. 71hrs.

R5908 - 207Sq Aug42, 49 Con Flt, 1661CU, Crash 28Nov42

R5909 - 50Sq 2Sep42, Missing (Wismar) 23/24Sep42. 41hrs.

R5910 - 61, 106Sqs; 1654CU, 5LFS, Became 4948M at 1660CU

R5911 - 83Sq(OL-C) 4Sep42, Missing 14Oct42. 38hrs.

R5912 - 49, 156Sqs; NTU, 1668CU, Became 4949M at 1654CU

R5913 - 83Sq(OL-G) 6Sep42, Lost (St Nazaire) 1May43. 176hrs

R5914 - 106Sq Sep42, Damaged 24Sep42, Lost 22Dec42. 88hrs.

R5915 - 9, 97Sqs; 1660CU, 622Sq, Missing 21Jan44. 693hrs.

R5916 - 9Sq(WS-R) 8Sep42, Crashed and burnt 7Nov42

R5917 - 9, 97Sqs; 1660CU Apr43, Crashed 18May43. 300hrs.

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