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Serial Range W1280 - W1498 Manchester I

150 Manchesters were ordered from Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft in December 1939 and cancelled. W1280 - 1299, W1319 - 1350, W1374 - 1410, W1426 - 1475, W1488 - 1498.


Serial Range W4102 - W4700 Lancaster I

450 Manchesters ordered from A. V. Roe (Chadderton) in January 1940 of which 207 were built as Lancaster I, delivered from July to November 1942 initially fitted with Merlin 20 engines.


W4102 - 106Sq 28Jul42. Burnt after wheels up landing 5Oct42

W4103 - 83Sq(OL-S), 1668CU, 5LFS, Crashed 14Apr44

W4104 - 83Sq 2Aug42, Missing 11Sep42. 68hrs.

W4105 - 44Sq(KM-K), Missing 24Aug42. 50hrs.

W4106 - 44Sq(KM-T), Missing (Cologne) 2Feb43. 368hrs.

W4107 - 49Sq 26Jul42, Missing 23Nov42. 132hrs.

W4108 - 97Sq Jul42, 1654CU Aug42, Missing 14Sep42. 103hrs.

W4109 - 106Sq 31Jul42, Missing 12Aug42. 17hrs.

W4110 - 44Sq(KM-K), Missing (Pilsen) 13/14May43. 524hrs.

W4111 - 61Sq, Missing 10/11Sep42. 65hrs.

W4112 - 50Sq, Blown up at Scampton 15Mar43

W4113 - 49, 156Sqs; 1661CU(GP-J), 5LFS, Became 4969M

W4114 - Avro Aug42, Mk.III prototype, AAEE Oct42 - Nov43 for Stromberg carburettor tests, 1654, 1660(YW-T)CU's

W4115 - At AAEE with FN79 turret. MU's, Crash 1651CU 29May45

W4116 - 49Sq 4Aug42, Missing 13Oct42. 95hrs.

W4117 - 50Sq Aug42, 44Sq Nov44, Crashed 24Dec42. 178hrs.

W4118 - 106Sq 6Aug42, Admiral Prune, Lost 5Feb43. 340hrs.

W4119 - 50Sq, Abandoned on fire near East Kirkby 12Feb44. 358hrs.

W4120 - 39MU, 207Sq(EM-L) Oct42, Missing 31Aug43. 343hrs.

W4121 - 39MU, 207Sq Oct42, Missing 25Oct42. 8hrs.

W4122 - 9Sq(WS-U) Sep42, 1661CU Nov42, 5LFS, Scrap Nov46

W4123 - 83Sq Aug42, NTU, 576Sq, Lost (Berlin) 2/3Dec43. 318hrs.

W4124 - 44Sq(KM-D), Missing 27Aug42. 33hrs.

W4125 - 44Sq Aug42, Missing 22Dec42. 140hrs.

W4126 - 44Sq(KM-B), Missing (Nuremburg) 17Dec42. 59hrs.

W4127 - 97Sq, 1660CU, 619Sq(PG-D), Lost (La Chapelle) 20Apr44

W4128 - 1660CU Aug42, Crash 24Dec42. Became 3609M 10STT

W4129 - 207Sq Aug42, Missing 29Aug42. 11hrs.

W4130 - 207Sq Sep42, Missing 16Oct42. 54hrs.

W4131 - 50Sq Aug42, 1660CU Nov42, Crashed 1Jun43. 267hrs.

W4132 - 9Sq 1661CU, 1667CU, 1LFS, Crashed 3Feb44. 388hrs.

W4133 - 9Sq, Crashed Bardney and burnt 7Aug43. Crew killed

W4134 - 207Sq(EM-U) Aug42, Lost (Essen) on the night of 3rd/4th Jan43. Aircraft took off from Langer at 1705 and was shot down returning from the raid by a night fighter of I/NJG1 piloted by Hptm Manfred Meurer and crashed at 2015 between Asselt (Limburg) and Roermond, Holland. The aircraft had flown a total of 174hrs. Some of the crew were killed. Crew: - F/Sgt J B Chaster (RCAF) - evaded capture, Sgt W H Moger †, Sgt G K Marwood pow, Sgt J K Banfield pow, Sgt K H Pugh †, Sgt I W Lineker †, Sgt W J Harris †.

W4135 - 50Sq Aug42, 44Sq Nov42, 97Sq Jan43, Lost 28Jan43

W4136 - 61Sq 21Aug42, Missing 2/3Sep42. 35hrs.

W4137 - 44Sq 13Aug42, Damaged in action 1Mar43. 326hrs.

W4138 - 83Sq Con Flt, 1654CU, Missing 17Sep42. 42hrs.

W4139 - 97Sq 18Aug42, Missing 28Aug42. 9hrs.

W4140 - 9 Con Flt, 156Sq, Lost (Duisberg) 26/27Apr43. 64hrs.

W4154 - 50, 44, 100Sqs; 1662CU, 1LFS, 1667CU, Crash 20Jan45

W4155 - 9Sq(WS-A) Sep42, Lost (Diepholz) 17Dec42. 135hrs.

W4156 - 106Sq Aug42, Missing (Duisburg) 9Apr43. 211hrs.

W4157 - 9Sq(WS-V), Missing (Berlin) 17Jan43, 30 operations. 258hrs.

W4158 - 9Sq(WS-O)(WS-S) Aug43, 622Sq(GI-U), 3LFS, SOC Dec45

W4159 - 9Sq(WS-Y) Sep42, Lost 8th January 43 after 15ops (Duisburg). Aircraft took off from Waddington at 1720 but was shot down by a night fighter of II/NJG1 piloted by Oblt Ludwig Becker. The aircraft crashed at 1923 at Hackfort (Gelderland), 7 km south-east of Zutphen, Holland. Aircraft had flown 231hrs. All the crew were lost. Crew: - Sgt A D Foote † (RCAF), Sgt M W Stephenson †, Sgt M McKenzie †, Sgt W T McLennan †, Sgt G Mitchell †, Sgt P G Brogan †, Sgt R Wardrop †.

W4160 - 39MU 20Aug42, SOC 5Sep42

W4161 - 50, 44, 50Sqs; Became 4451M after 587hrs. 75ops

W4162 - 44, 83Sqs; NTU, 460Sq, Lost (Berlin) 23Nov43. 399hr.

W4163 - 50Sq Sep42, 20MU, 1667CU, 622Sq, Lost 15Jan44. 335hrs.

W4164 - 207, 9Sqs; 1661CU. Became 4443M

W4165 - 57Sq 24Sep42, Missing 9/10Nov42. 95hrs.

W4166 - 61Sq 31Aug42, Missing 20Sep42. 23hrs.

W4167 - 39MU, 207Sq Dec42, Crashed 14Feb43. 83hrs.

W4168 - 61Sq 21Aug42, Crashed 10Dec42. 185hrs.

W4169 - 44Sq(KM-S) Sep42, Missing (Bremen) 13Sep42. 19hrs.

W4170 - 97Sq Sep42, Missing 16Oct42. 87hrs.

W4171 - 207Sq Nov42, Lost 27Apr43. 266hrs.

W4172 - 207Sq Dec42, Lost 10Feb43. 75hrs.

W4173 - 61Sq Sep42, Missing 16/17Sep42 Essen raid. 28hrs.

W4174 - 207Sq, 1660CU; 15, 75Sqs; 1654CU, Scrap Sep46

W4175 - 97Sq, Crashed Coningsby village 30Aug43. 287hrs.

W4176 - 44Sq(KM-X), Lost mining 8Jan43. 169hrs.

W4177 - 44Sq(KM-W), Missing 18Sep42. 23hrs.

W4178 - 106Sq, Missing Essen raid 16Sep42. 17hrs.

W4179 - 106Sq, Missing Essen raid 16Sep42. 15hrs.

W4180 - 44Sq(KM-D), Missing (Hamburg) 9Nov42. 124hrs.

W4181 - 49Sq, 1660CU, 15Sq, 3LFS, Became 4915M. 1052hrs.

W4182 - 9Sq(WS-B), Collided with W4259 on operations 20Dec42

W4183 - 49Sq, 1661CU Nov42, Crashed 11Jan43. 71hrs.

W4184 - 9Sq(WS-A) Sep42, Missing on first operation, 19Sep42

W4185 - 9Sq(WS-G) Sep42, Missing (Munich) 21Dec42. 163hrs.

W4186 - 9Sq 10Sep42, Missing 17Sep42. 8hrs.

W4187 - 44Sq(KM-S) Sep42, Lost (Flensburg) 1Oct42. 50hrs.

W4188 - 44Sq(KM-G), Missing (Osnabruck) 6Oct43. 579hrs.

W4189 - 57Sq Sep42, Missing 31Jan43. 195hrs.

W4190 - 57Sq Sep42, 1661CU Feb43, Crash 24Aug43. 579hrs.

W4191 - 207Sq Sep42, Missing 22Dec42. 166hrs.

W4192 - 61Sq, Lost in Krupp Works attack 12/13Jan43

W4193 - 83Sq(OL-A), 1662CU, R-R, 1668CU, Scrap Jan47



Lancaster I, W4232 night landing.


W4194 - 50Sq 13Sep42, Missing 9Nov42. 107hrs.

W4195 - 106Sq 13Sep42, Missing 17Oct42. 61hrs.

W4196 - 49, 50Sqs; Blown up at Scampton 15Mar43

W4197 - 9Sq(WS-J) Sep42, 1667CU, 1LFS, SOC Jan47

W4198 - 61Sq(QR-H), Lost (Berlin) 75th op. 26/27Nov43. 653hrs.

W4199 - 44Sq(KM-H), Missing (Berlin) 29/30Mar43. 343hrs.

W4200 - 9Sq(WS-U) Sep42, 97Sq Jan43, 1656CU, Crash 28Jul43

W4201 - 57Sq Sep42, Missing 14Mar43. 239hrs.

W4230 - 9Sq(WS-P), Lost on first operation 23Sep42. 5hrs.

W4231 - 83Sq, 1662/67CU's, 1LFS, 1651CU. Became 5451M

W4232 - 57Sq, 5LFS, Broke up in air, Syerston, 17Apr44

W4233 - 61Sq, Crashed near Bilsdale, Yorks 13Apr42. 47hrs.

W4234 - 57Sq 18Sep42, Missing 22Dec42. 115hrs.

W4235 - 49Sq, NTU, 9Sq(WS-C) Dec43 - Mar44, Scrap Jan47


Probably W4235 or W4325


W4236 - 61Sq(QR-K) Sep42, Lost (Mannheim) 9/10Aug43. 640hrs.

W4237 - 9Sq(WS-W) Sep42, Lost on first operation, 29Sep42.

W4238 - 106Sq, Overshot at Newton and burnt 2Oct42

W4239 - 9Sq(WS-T) Sep42, 97Sq Oct42, Crash 21Oct42

W4240 - 57, 467Sqs, Missing (Hanover) 18/19Oct43

W4241 - 1662CU(Q), 1LFS, 300Sq, B.C.I.S. Became 5287M

W4242 - 106Sq(ZN-A) Sep42, Missing 9Oct43. 647hrs. 65 operations.

W4243 - Ringway, 29MU, 5MU Apr45, Scrap Jan47

W4244 - 61Sq, Crashed at Exeter after Adour mining 10Nov42

W4245 - 49, 576Sqs; Missing (Berlin) 31Jan44. 411hrs.

W4246 - 57Sq 24Sep42, Burnt in crash 7Nov42. 60hrs.

W4247 - 57Sq 26Sep42, Missing 9Nov42. 65hrs.

W4248 - 9Sq(WS-A), 1667CU, 622Sq(GI-H), 3LFS, 5LFS, SOC Nov45

W4249 - 9, 97Sqs; 1661CU, 3LFS, 46MU, Scrap Jan47

W4250 - 57Sq, Stalled 1 mile North of Woodhall Spa 10Dec42

W4251 - 50Sq. Missing 25Oct42. 46hrs.

W4252 - 50Sq. Missing 6Apr43. 248hrs.

W4253 - 9, 106Sqs; 3LFS, CU's, Became 4914M. 1260hrs. (Possibly highest hours).

W4254 - 9Sq(WS-P), 57Sq Feb43, Missing 21Apr43. 282hrs.

W4255 - 97Sq Sep42, 1654CU Oct42, Crash 12Dec42

W4256 - 106Sq(ZN-V) Oct42, Lost 26Jun43. 324hrs. 53ops.

W4257 - 57Sq 30Sep42, Missing (Essen) 3Apr43. 329hrs.

W4258 - 49Sq, 1661CU, 5LFS, W4383 landed on top 27May44

W4259 - 44Sq(KM-P), Hit W4182 over Bracebridge 20Dec42

W4260 - 1654CU, Crashed 31Aug43

W4261 - 106Sq 6Oct42, Missing (Essen) 14Jan43

W4262 - 57Sq Oct42, Missing 11Nov42. 57hrs.

W4263 - 1656CU; 460, 625Sqs; 1LFS, 1667CU, SOC Jan47

W4264 - 1656CU, 1LFS; 1662, 1668CU's. Became 5289M

W4265 - 9Sq(WS-L) Oct42, Crashed 7Nov42. 131hrs. 4ops.

W4266 - 50Sq, Missing (Sòltan) 17/18Dec42

W4267 - 50Sq Oct42, 44Sq Nov42, Burnt in crash 27Jan43

W4268 - 44Sq(KM-Q), 622Sq, Lost (Munich) 21Dec42. 590hrs.

W4269 - 61Sq Oct42, Lost (Duisburg) 12/13May43. 430hrs.

W4270 - 61Sq Oct42, Burnt in crash 19Feb43. 196hrs.

W4271 - 1661CU, 3LFS, Swung landing at Swannington 13Aug44

W4272 - 61 Con Flt, 1654CU; 15, 622Sqs; Lost 16Feb44. 280hrs.

W4273 - 460Sq Oct42, Missing 23Nov42. 12hrs.

W4274 - 460Sq(AR-B), Missing (Essen) 4Jan43. The aircraft took off from Breighton at 1726 and was shot down by a night fighter and crashed at 2022 near Nijmegen (Gelderland), the aircraft flew a total of 67hrs. All the crew were killed. Crew: - Sgt H G Brooks † (RAAF), Sgt J H Watson †, Sgt F E Hutchinson † (RAAF), Sgt H P Gray † (RAAF), Sgt R T Lonsdale † (RAAF), Sgt E J B Fletcher † (RAAF), Sgt K J H Harris † (RAAF).

W4275 - 101Sq(SR-C) Oct42, Missing 9Jul43. 362hrs.

W4276 - 101Sq Oct42, 207Sq Sep43, Lost (Hanover) 19Oct43

W4277 - 44Sq(KM-S) Oct 42, Lost mining 8Jan43. 145hrs.

W4278 - 97Sq 11Oct42, Missing 23Oct42. 30hrs.

W4279 - 61Sq(QR-Z) 11Oct42, Lost (Kassel) 3/4Oct43. 593hrs. 65ops.

W4301 - 61Sq, 460Sq May43, Missing (Munich) 2Oct43. 232hrs.

W4302 - 106Sq Oct42, Missing 16Oct42. 16hrs.

W4303 - 1654CU, Broke up in air 24May43

W4304 - 44Sq(KM-C) Oct42, Lost (Stuttgart) 22Nov42. 55hrs.

W4305 - 44Sq(KM-J/G) Oct42, Lost (Pilsen) 13/14May43. 272hrs.

W4306 - 49Sq 12Oct42, Burnt out in action 25Oct42

W4307 - 57Sq 12Oct42, Missing 10Nov42. 44hrs.

W4308 - 460Sq(AR-C), Lost (Düsseldorf) 23Jan43. 69hrs.

W4309 - 101Sq, 1667CU, 1LFS, 1664CU, Became 4904M

W4310 - 460Sq Oct42, Missing (Kiel) 4Apr43. 99hrs.

W4311 - 101Sq, Lost 25Jun43. 98hrs.

W4312 - 101Sq, Crash 23Dec42. 57hrs.

W4313 - 101Sq Oct42, Missing 12Feb43. 42hrs.

W4314 - 49, 156Sqs; 1662CU, Crashed and burnt, Laughton, 1Sep43

W4315 - 50Sq, NTU, 61Sq, Missing 29Jan44. 223hrs.

W4316 - 460Sq(AR-Q), Missing (Bochum) 12Jun43

W4317 - 61Sq Oct42, Missing (Pilsen) 17Apr43. 365hrs.

W4318 - 103Sq Oct42, Ditched 15Apr43. 244hrs.

W4319 - 101Sq Oct42, Burnt out 18Dec42. 17hrs.

W4320 - 460Sq, Missing (Wuppertal) 24Jun43

W4321 - 101Sq, Wrecked 17Jan43. 90hrs.

W4322 - 101Sq, Lost 28Mar43. 142hrs.

W4323 - 103Sq Oct42, Burnt in crash 24Aug43. 215hrs.

W4324 - 101Sq, Blew up in air over Wales 16Nov42

W4325 - 9Sq(WS-C), 460Sq, Missing (Stettin) 20Apr43. 182hrs.

W4326 - 101Sq Oct42, Crashed 16Nov42. 28hrs.

W4327 - 460Sq(AR-S), Shot down in Holland 29Mar43. 150hrs.

W4328 - 103, 12Sqs; 1656CU, 5LFS(CE-T), Scrap Jan47

W4329 - 460Sq, Lost (Bochum) 12Jun43

W4330 - 460Sq, Lost (Stettin) 20Apr43

W4331 - 460Sq Oct42, Missing (Pilsen) 16Apr43. 218hrs.

W4332 - 460Sq Oct42, Missing (Cologne) 16Jun43. 218hrs.

W4333 - 103Sq, Crashed near Yaxley 4Mar43. 160hrs.

W4334 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing 21Dec42. 49hrs.

W4335 - 103Sq 25Oct42, Missing 21Jan43. 106hrs.

W4336 - 103Sq 25Oct42, Missing 27Feb43. 103hrs.

W4337 - 103Sq Oct42, 576Sq Nov43, Missing 3Dec43. 512hrs.

W4338 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing 14Jan43. 67hrs.

W4339 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing1Jan43. 39hrs.

W4340 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing (Essen) 21Jan43. 95hrs.

W4355 - 97Sq, 1661CU, 15Sq, Missing 23Feb44. 795hrs.

W4356 - 97Sq 22Nov42, Crashed 6Dec42. 9hrs.

W4357 - 61Sq, Missing (Kassel) 22/23Oct43. 446hrs.

W4358 - 49, 57Sqs; 1661CU, 9Sq, 5LFS, 1653CU, Became 4968M

W4359 - 57Sq 6Nov42, Burnt in crash 18Dec42. 50hrs.

W4360 - 57Sq 6Nov42, Missing 23Nov42. 29hrs.

W4361 - 103Sq Nov42, Missing 2Mar43. 194hrs.

W4362 - 103Sq Nov42, Missing 15Feb43. 100hrs.

W4363 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing 6/7Jul43. 346hrs.

W4364 - 103Sq Oct42, Missing 27Aug43. 457hrs.

W4365 - 207Sq(EM-B) 8Nov42, Lost (Essen) 21/22Jan43. 126hrs.

W4366 - 12Sq Jan43, Missing 13May43. 24ops. 237hrs.

W4367 - 50Sq Nov42, 106Sq Jan43, Missing 26Jan43. 328hrs.

W4368 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 17/18Jan43

W4369 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 11/12Jan43

W4370 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 5Sep43. 402hrs.

W4371 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 2Jan43

W4372 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 17/18Jan43

W4373 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 12Jun43

W4374 - 12Sq, Crashed in wood at Apley 18Jun43

W4375 - 57Sq 14Nov42, Missing 19Feb43. 154hrs.

W4376 - 57, 103, 166, 300(BH-O)Sqs; 1LFS,CU's, Crashed 3Jan45

W4377 - 57Sq, Twice damaged, Missing 22Jun43. 174hrs.

W4378 - 467Sq, Missing (Berlin) 17/18Jan43. 174hrs.

W4379 - 9Sq 23Dec42, Missing 18Jan43. 33hrs.

W4380 - 50, 12, 9Sqs; 4STT Sep44, Became 4886M

W4381 - 67, 61Sqs, 1661CU Mar43, Crashed 24Aug43. 516hrs.

W4382 - 40Sq Nov42, Missing (Sòltan) 17/18Dec42. 24hrs.

W4383 - 50, 207Sqs; 1654/68CU's, 5LFS, Crashed 27May44

W4384 - 467Sq, 57Sq Jan43, Missing 12Feb43. 74hrs.


W4385 - 4400, W4414 - 4463, W4481 - 4524, W4537 - 4586, W4600 - 4641, W4655 - 4700 Cancelled

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