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Serial Range W4761 - W5012 Lancaster I/III

200 Lancasters ordered from Metropolitan Vickers in 1940 and built as 170 Mk.I (W4761 - 4982 range) with Merlin 20 engines and 30 Mk.III (W4983 - 5012 range) with Merlin 28 engines from September 1942 to May 1943. They were delivered to Woodford for assembly and testing.


W4761 - 49Sq, 9Sq(WS-P) Jan43, Missing 18Jan43. 17hrs.

W4762 - 61Sq Sep42, 50Sq 1May43, Missing 13May43. 6hrs.

W4763 - 61Sq. Shot down in Holland (Gelsenkirchen) 9/10Jul43

W4764 - 9Sq(WS-K) Sep42, Missing (Turin) 9Dec42. 142hrs.

W4765 - Avro 3Sep42, 9Sq 10Sep42, Missing 17Sep42. 10hrs.

W4766 - 57, 61Sqs; Missing Peenemunde raid 17/18Aug43. 289hrs.

W4767 - Avro 11Sep42, 61Sq 23Sep42, Crashed 18Jan43

W4768 - 106Sq 20Sep42, Missing 3Oct42. 19hrs.

W4769 - 61Sq (QR-V), Missing Essen raid 3/4Jan43. The aircraft took off from Syerston at 1721 and crashed at 2100 some 3 km east of Middenmeer (Noord, Holland), 22 km south-east of Den Helder. Unfortunately all of the crew were killed. Crew: - F/Sgt R H Bird †, Sgt J Davis †, P/O H J R Tickle †, Sgt G J Inglis †, Sgt R J Kee † (RCAF), Sgt R C Gait †, Sgt L G Gunning †.

W4770 - 106Sq Sep42, Missing 4Feb44. 141hrs.

W4771 - 106Sq Sep42, Missing 16Oct43. 19hrs.

W4772 - 50Sq Con Flt, 1654CU Oct43, Missing 18Jan43

W4773 - 49, 156Sqs; 1662CU, Hit house landing at Blyton 8Sep43

W4774 - 61Sq, Shot down near Montchanin 17Oct42. 24hrs.

W4775 - 57Sq Oct42, 1661CU Apr43, Crashed 6May43

W4776 - 1656CU Oct42, SOC after 3rd crash 28Oct43. 495hrs.

W4777 - 1656CU, Crashed Thorganby, Yorks, 11/12Jul43. 281hrs.

W4778 - 106 Con Flt, 44Sq, Crashed in Waddensea 2/3Aug43

W4779 - 1656CU, 1LFS, 4STT Oct44, Became 4903M

W4780 - 1656CU, 166Sq Dec43, Missing (Berlin) 2Jan44. 34hrs.

W4781 - 1656CU 18Oct42, Crashed 3Aug43. 329hrs.

W4782 - 101Sq 21Oct42, Missing 9Dec42. 40hrs.

W4783 - 460Sq(AR-G) 22Oct42. Became A66-2 RAAF Survivor



Lancaster I W4783 - Famous G for George


W4784 - 101Sq 22Oct42, Crashed 12Nov42, Missing 5May43. 12hrs.

W4785 - 460Sq Oct42, Missing (Duisberg) 8Apr43. 171hrs.

W4786 - 103Sq 29Oct42, Lost 18Dec42. 92hrs.

W4787 - 103Sq 22Nov42, Lost 22Dec42. 49hrs.

W4788 - 103Sq 16Nov42, Missing (Hamburg) 4Mar43. 126hrs.

W4789 - 12Sq Nov42, Lost on Cologne raid 17/18Jan43.

W4790 - 12Sq, CU's, 1LFS, Overshot Hemswell 28Aug44. 837hrs.

W4791 - 12Sq Nov42, Shot down over Holland 11Jun43.

W4792 - 12Sq Nov42, Missing 26Feb43.

W4793 - 12Sq, 1656CU, 1LFS, Crashed near Sturgate 6May44. 616hrs.

W4794 - 12Sq, 1657CU, 5LFS, Crashed, tyre burst, Carnaby, 1May44.

W4795 - 467, 207, 61Sqs; Missing (Stettin) 21Apr43. 240hrs.

W4796 - 101Sq (SR-R) Nov42, Missing (Essen) 5Jan43. Took off from Holme-on-Spalding Moor at 1730, the aircraft was lost without trace, it had flown a total of 47hrs. Crew: - F/Sgt L J Waterhouse † (RNZAF), Sgt E J Dollard †, P/O J D Brodie †, Sgt J W C Clark †, Sgt L Davies †, Sgt J Perry †, Sgt G F Roberts †.

W4797 - 467, 57Sqs; 1668CU, 5LFS, Crashed 29Apr44.

W4798 - 467Sq, 61Sq Feb43, Missing 1Apr43. 270hrs.

W4799 - 83Sq Nov42, Missing 1Jan43. 58hrs.

W4800 - 50Sq 22Nov42, Missing (Duisburg) 8/9Jan43. 51hrs.

W4815 - 207Sq, Crashed at Spilsby (Augsburg) a.m. 26Feb44. 406hrs.

W4816 - 460Sq(AR-K), Abandoned in air 17Jan43.

W4817 - 460Sq(AR-K), Missing (Düsseldorf) 27Jan43. 63hrs.

W4818 - 460Sq Nov42, Missing (Dortmund) 4May43. 107hrs.

W4819 - 9Sq(WS-O) Dec42, 44Sq Jan43, Missing 3Feb43.

W4820 - 103Sq 1Dec42, Missing 22Dec42. 8hrs.

W4821 - 103Sq, 1656/62CU's, 1LFS, 300Sq, 6LFS, Scrap Mar47.

W4822 - 467, 49, 57Sqs; Missing (Düsseldorf) 4Nov43. 397hrs.

W4823 - 467, 50Sqs; Blown up Scampton 15Mar43

W4824 - 467, 50Sqs; Lost in day raid 6Aug44. 619hrs.

W4825 - 467, 97Sqs; (Merlin 20 to 22Feb43). Lost 2Mar43

W4826 - 467Sq Dec42, 106Sq Jan43, Missing 31Jan43. 36hrs.

W4827 - 103Sq Dec42, Lost 6Mar43. 226hrs.

W4828 - 103Sq Dec42, Lost 14April43. 160hrs.

W4829 - 9Sq(WS-T) Dec42, 44Sq(KM-V), Lost (Berlin) 1/2Mar43

W4830 - 61Sq, Hit by flak, crashed near Boston 26Jan43

W4831 - 9Sq(WS-K) Jan43, 44Sq(KM-C), Lost (Berlin) 2Jan44

W4832 - 44Sq(KM-U), Missing (Lorient) 7/8Feb43. 566hrs.

W4833 - 101, 625Sqs(CF-J), Lost (Stuttgart) 15Mar44. 963hrs.

W4834 - 1656CU, 57Sq, Blown up at Scampton 15Mar43

W4835 - 97Sq 31Dec42, Missing (Hamburg) 31Jan43. 48hrs.

W4836 - 100, 12Sqs, Flew in to ground Newhall, Lincs 13Feb43

W4837 - 460Sq 21Dec42, Lost (Düsseldorf) 27Jan43. 26hrs.

W4838 - 44Sq(KM-B) 21Dec42, Missing 30May42

W4839 - 44Sq(KM-B/F), Missing (Berlin) 27/28Mar43. 125hrs.

W4840 - 9Sq(WS-B) Jan43, Lost on first operation to Essen on the night of 3rd to 4th January 1943. Took off from RAF Waddington at 1732 and was shot down by a night fighter piloted by Uffz Christian Költringer of III/NJG1 and crashed at 2014 in the Overhangense Weide near Velp (Gelderland) on the north-east outskirts of Arnhem. Unfortunately all the crew were killed, the aircraft had flown a total of 16hrs. Crew: - F/Lt D H S Lonsdale † (DFC), Sgt A T Riley †, P/O K R Smith † (RCAF), Sgt J I Morris †, Sgt R R Moore † (RCAF), Sgt A D Smitherman †, Sgt R L Dickie † (RCAF).

W4841 - 44Sq(KM-W) Dec42, Missing 10/11Mar43. 134hrs.

W4842 - 106Sq Dec42, Lost (Essen) 28May43. 296hrs.

W4843 - 9Sq(WS-K) Jan43, Lost on first operation. 12hrs.

W4844 - 460Sq, Damaged 5May43, Lost 3Jun43

W4845 - 103Sq; 1656/62CU; 1LFS. Became 5291M

W4846 - 83Sq Jan43, Lost 27Feb43. 67hrs.

W4847 - 83Sq Jan43, SOC 12Mar43. 67hrs.

W4848 - 103Sq Jan43, Missing (Pilsen) 17Apr43. 56hrs.

W4849 - 156Sq; 1662CU, Hit barn near Blyton Relay Station 12Dec44

W4850 - 156Sq Jan43, Missing (Kiel) 5Apr43. 32hrs.

W4851 - 156Sq; 1656CU; 3LFS, Burnt in crash 17Jun44. 744hrs.

W4852 - 103Sq, 1654CU, 15Sq Dec43, Lost 22Jan44. 136hrs.

W4853 - 156Sq Jan43, Damaged on operations 31Jan43. 15hrs.

W4854 - 156Sq Jan43, Missing (Pilsen) 16/17Apr43. 145hrs.

W4855 - 12Sq Jan43, Missing (Hamburg) 3/4Mar43

W4856 - 156Sq Jan43, Missing (Munich) 10Mar43. 69hrs.

W4857 - 103Sq, Crashed approaching Elsham Wolds 27Feb43

W4858 - 12Sq, Jan43, Lost (Berlin) 29/30Mar43

W4859 - 1662CU, 1LFS, 1662CU, Wrecked in second crash 12Dec44

W4860 - 103Sq Jan43, Lost 10Mar43. 93hrs.

W4861 - 12Sq Jan43, Lost 13Feb43. 190hrs.

W4862 - 101Sq(SR-E) 2Feb43, Lost (Essen) 13Mar43. 71hrs.

W4863 - 101Sq, Hit trees after airfield diversion 4/5May43

W4864 - 460Sq, Hit ground at Acton Reynold 2/3Mar43. 7hrs.

W4879 - 460Sq(AR-D), Shot at by Ju-88, crashed S.Cerney 22Mar43

W4880 - 103Sq Feb43, Missing (Berlin) 2Mar43. 35hrs.

W4881 - 12Sq Feb-Oct43, 460Sq, Lost (Berlin) 2Dec43. 352hrs.

W4882 - 156Sq, 1662CU(T), 5LFS, SOC Sep45

W4883 - 1656CU, 3 crashes, 231Sq, Dec45, SOC Apr46

W4884 - 1655CU, 5LFS, 61Sq Feb44; 5,46MU's; Scrap Jan47

W4885 - 1662CU, 622Sq Dec43, 5LFS, 90Sq, 10MU, Scrap Jan47

W4886 - 106Sq Feb43, Missing 26Feb43. 44hrs.

W4887 - 97Sq Feb43,1660CU, Became 4352M at 10STT Mar43

W4888 - 101Sq 13Feb43, Missing (Essen) 5May43. 102hrs.

W4889 - 1662CU, 1LFS, 1656CU, Burnt out Lindholme 12Jan45

W4890 - 1662CU, 1LFS, 1667CU, Crash Thorney Island 10Feb45

W4891 - 156Sq, 405Sq Aug43, 5MU, 1LFS, 1667CU, 58MU, SOC Sep45

W4892 - 1662CU Feb43, 207Sq Nov43, Lost 2Jan44. 70hrs.

W4893 - 1662CU, Crashed 28Mar43 and 7Jun43, Lost 20Jul43

W4894 - 156Sq Feb43, Missing (Essen) 3/4Apr43. 73hrs.

W4895 - 156Sq Feb43, Missing 28Feb43. 12hrs.

W4896 - 156Sq Feb43, Missing (Nuremburg) 8/9Mar43. 36hrs.

W4897 - 156Sq, NTU Jul43; 106, 463Sqs; Lost 2Jan44. 255hrs.

W4898 - 61Sq, Damaged 27Feb43, Lost 29Apr43. 106hrs.

W4899 - 61Sq, 1668CU, Became 4945M at 1662CU

W4900 - 61Sq(QR-Q) 56ops, 1669CU Dec44, 1660CU Mar45, SOC Oct45

W4901 - 103Sq 24Feb43, Missing 17Jun43. 203hrs.

W4902 - 156Sq, 1661/54CU's; Hit ground, Hackthorn. 19Nov43

W4903 - 61Sq Feb43, Missing (Munich) 9Mar43. 36hrs.

W4904 - 83Sq, 1667CU, Dived into ground Marston Moor 28Sep43

W4905 - 83Sq, 50Sq Aug43, Missing (Frankfurt) 4/5Oct43. 22hrs.

W4918 - 106Sq 28Feb43, Missing (Essen) 6Mar43. 8hrs.

W4919 - 207Sq ex-5MU Feb43, Missing 25May43. 39hrs.

W4920 - 61Sq Feb43, Missing (Berlin) 1/2Mar43. 8hrs.

W4921 - 106, 617, 619Sqs; 1654CU Jun43, Burnt 18Sep43

W4922 - 156Sq Apr43, 106Sq Sep43, Lost 6Sep43. 223hrs.

W4923 - 460Sq, Missing (Pilsen) 16Apr43

W4924 - 156Sq Mar43, 1656CU Aug43, Crashed 11Nov43. 357hrs.

W4925 - 12Sq Mar43, Shot down over Holland 26Mar43. 97hrs.

W4926 - Conv. MkIII 617Sq, 1654/64CU's, 5MU, 6LFS, SSMay47

W4927 - 460Sq(AR-C), SOC 23Oct43 after third time damaged.

W4928 - 83Sq 7Mar43, Missing on first operation 13Mar43

W4929 - 617, 619Sqs; 1661CU, Crashed, crew killed 5Sep43. 471hrs.

W4930 - 156Sq Mar43, Missing (Pilsen) 16/17Apr43. 47hrs.

W4931 - 207Sq 14Mar43. Missing (Berlin) 30Mar43. 32hrs.

W4932 - 97Sq Mar43, 50Sq Apr43, Crashed 16Jun43. 156hrs.

W4933 - 156, 44, 50Sqs, Crashed Skellingthorpe, 30Mar44. 516hrs.

W4934 - 61Sq, Lost on Peenemunde raid 17/18Aug43. 238hrs.

W4935 - 44Sq(KM-M) Mar43, Lost (Duisburg) 9/10Apr44. 259hrs.

W4936 - 44Sq 16Mar43, Missing 15Jun43, 141hrs.

W4937 - 156Sq Mar43; 1661/60CU's; Crashed 26Sep43. 456hrs.

W4938 - 207Sq(EM-A) 18Mar43, Lost (Duisburg) 12/13May43. 104hrs.

W4939 - 460Sq Mar43, Missing (Krefeld) 21/22Jun43

W4940 - 617Sq, 1660CU, 5LFS, Became 4874M at 4STT

W4941 - 460Sq, 38MU, 5LFS, Crashed 1Oct44, Became 4971M

W4942 - 460Sq 25Mar43, Missing (Pilsen) 17Apr43. 21hrs.

W4943 - 156Sq Mar43, Missing (Essen) 27/28May43. 107hrs.

W4944 - 57Sq 25Mar43, Missing 14May43. 88hrs.

W4945 - 207Sq(EM-Z) 29Mar43, Lost mining 29Apr43. 79hrs.

W4946 - 467Sq, Missing (Hamburg) 27/28Jul43. 138hrs.

W4947 - 156Sq Mar43, 1661CU May43, Missing 17Jul43. 258hrs.

W4948 - 57Sq 30Mar43, Shot down by intruder 22Sept43. 135hrs.

W4949 - 44Sq Mar43, Missing 15Jun43. 165hrs.

W4950 - 156, 61Sqs(QR-L), 6LFS, Crash Jul45. MU's, Scrap Mar48.

W4951 - 101Sq 31Mar43, Lost (Stuttgart) 14Apr43. 31hrs.

W4952 - 207Sq 31Mar43, SOC after second crash 12Aug43.

W4953 - 83Sq Mar43, 1656CU Aug43, Crashed 24Nov43. 439hrs.

W4954 - 100Sq Missing on first operation with No 12Sq, 28Apr43.

W4955 - 83Sq Apr43, Crashed near Eemnes, Holland 13May43. 53hrs.

W4956 - 460Sq, Missing (Stettin) 20/21Apr43. 13hrs.

W4957 - 83Sq, NTU, 61Sq, 24MU Oct43, 46MU, Scrap Dec46

W4958 - 12Sq Apr43, Missing (Cologne) 3/4Jul43

W4959 - 83Sq Apr43, 207Sq Sep43, Missing 24Nov43. 335hrs.

W4960 - 460Sq 14Apr43, Missing (Bochum) 12Jun43

W4961 - 44Sq 13Apr43, Missing (Berlin) 4Sep43. 288hrs.

W4962 - 207Sq 16Apr43, Lost (Hamburg) 27Jul43. 179hrs.

W4963 - A&AEE, Middle East Nov44, 10MU Jul45, Scrap Nov46

W4964 - 9Sq (WS-J) Apr43 - Oct44, 106 operations, became 4922M, SOC Nov49 Survivor

W4965 - 1656-62CU's, 1LFS; Crashed Sturgate, 16May44. 566hrs.

W4966 - 101Sq Apr43, 166Sq Oct43, Damaged 23Nov43. 334hrs.

W4967 - 460Sq, 626Sq, Nov43, 101Sq Jun44, Lost 21Jul44, 458hrs.

W4980 - 1656CU, 15Sq, 3LFS, 90Sq, 1662CU, MU's, SOC 9Jul45

W4981 - 83Sq Apr43, Missing 14May43, 17hrs

W4982 - 83Sq Apr43, Missing 23Jun43, 93hrs

W4983 - 1st MkIII, 467Sq, Lost (Dusseldorf) 11/12Jun43

W4984 - 460Sq, Shot down in Holland (Dortmund) 23May43. 23hrs.

W4985 - 460Sq Apr43, Lost (Wuppertal) 29May43. 23hrs.

W4986 - 460Sq Apr43, Missing (Dortmund) 23May43. 20hrs.

W4987 - 460Sq Apr43, Missing (Cologne) 3Jul43.

W4988 - 460Sq Apr43, Missing (Berlin) 3Sep43, 202hrs.

W4989 - 100Sq May43, Missing (Bochum) 13Jun43

W4990 - 12, 626Sqs (UM-V2), 1LFS, 1656CU, 5MU, Scrap Jul47

W4991 - 12Sq May43, Missing 23Sep43, 250hrs.

W4992 - 12Sq (GZ-A) May43, Lost (Oberhausen) 14Jun43

W4993 - 101Sq, 625Sq Oct43, 38MU, BDU Sep44, 5MU, Scrap Jul47

W4994 - 12, 166Sqs;1656HCU (EK-N), Crashed 13Jul45 

W4995 - 101, 625Sqs; 1LFS, CU, Crash Lindholme 16May45, SOC Mar48

W4996 - 101Sq, 166Sq Oct43, Missing (Berlin) 27Jan44

W4997 - 101Sq May43, Crashed 5Oct43, 5MU May44, Scrap Jul47

W4998 - 100Sq 15May43, Missing (Dusseldorf) 26May43

W4999 - 100Sq May43, 625Sq Oct43, Missing 3Dec43. 264hrs.

W5000 - 61Sq May43, Missing (Hamburg) 2/3Aug43. 142hrs.

W5001 - 207Sq (EM-J) 17May43, Lost (Dusseldorf) 26May43

W5002 - 61Sq (QR-L) May43, Lost (Milan) 15/16Aug43. 201hrs.

W5003 - 467Sq May43, Lost (Hamburg) 27/28Jul43. 99hrs.

W5004 - 50Sq May43, 38MU, 5LFS May44, 46MU, Scrap Jan47

W5005 - 460, 550Sqs; Crashed in Humber 27Aug44. 606hrs. 94operations.

W5006 - 207Sq (EM-G), 9Sq (WS-X) Jan44, Missing 30/31Mar44

W5007 - 460Sq, Crashed Elsham Wolds after AA hit 16Jun43†

W5008 - 57Sq May43, Missing 28Aug43. 91hrs.

W5009 - 101, 625Sqs (CF-Z), Lost (Nuremburg) 30Mar44. 458hrs.

W5010 - BDU; 49Sq, 9Sq (WS-L) Oct43. Lost (Leipzig) 19Feb44

W5011 - 9Sq May43, Belly Landing 18Nov43, 5MU, Scrap Feb47

W5012 - 103Sq (PM-O) 18May43, Lost (Cologne) 3/4Jul43. 64hrs.

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