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Serial BT308 Lancaster Prototype

On the 31st January 1941 the prototype Lancaster BT308 made her maiden flight, fitted with Merlin X engines. Other fairly major changes had been from the Manchester design, notably the installation of a dorsal turret armed with two .303 machine guns and a ventral turret with the same armament. The tail plane configuration was experimented with, the aircraft at one stage having triple tail fins, but this was finally settled with the same configuration as the production Manchester but with much enlarged twin fins. This gave the mid upper gunner a much better field of fire. The initial production model of Lancaster was the B1.



Serial DG595 Lancaster Second Prototype

Ordered from A. V. Roe (Chadderton) in 1940. First flew May 13th 1941. Delivered to A&AEE on August 16th 1941, with Merlin 20 engines. The aircraft was wrecked at Tactical Development Unit (T.D.U.) on February 17th 1944.


Serial Range DS601 - DS852 Lancaster BII

200 Lancasters ordered from Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft in 1941 and built as BII from September 1942 and October 1943 with up to DS627 having Bristol Hercules VI engines and the remainder Hercules XVI engines.



DS603 on B2 comparison tests, Syerston, late 1942


DS601 - A&AEE Sep42, 1657/79CU's, 408Sq, 1668CU, SOC Oct44, 439hrs.

DS602 - A&AEE Sep42; 20MU Feb44, 15MU, SOC 11Sep46

DS603 - 61, 115Sqs;1667CU, Stalled at E. Wretham 16Apr43

DS604 - 61(QR-W), 115Sq, Missing (Frankfurt) 11Apr43, 49hrs.

DS605 - 61, 415Sqs; 1657 Con Flt(V), RAE, SOC 20Mar45

DS606 - A&AEE Nov42, TDU Jan43, 4STT, Became 3995M Nov45

DS607 - 61,115Sqs; 1666CU, Overshot Topcliffe 7Apr44

DS608 - 61,115Sqs; 1657CU, Crashed 3Sep43, 229hrs.

DS609 - 61,115Sqs, Missing (Duisburg) 27Apr43, 54hrs.

DS610 - 61,115Sqs; 1657CU, 38MU Oct44, Scrap 22May45

DS611 - Used for ballistic trials. Became 4947M at 1STT

DS612 - 61Sq Jan43, 115Sq, 426Sq, 1678/68CU's, Became 4865M

DS613 - 61, 115Sqs;1668CU, Wrecked 8Feb45

DS614 - 115Sq, 1668CU, 408Sq, 1668CU, Wrecked Carnaby 9Nov44

DS615 - 115Sq, 1697CU, Ran into Halifax DT548, Topcliffe 11Dec43

DS616 - 115Sq, Damaged beyond repair 30May43, 117hrs.

DS617 - 115Sq, 1657/68CU's, 54MU, 1678CU, SOC 7Feb45

DS618 - 115Sq 17Apr43, Wrecked 30May43, 82hrs.

DS619 - 115Sq, 1657/78/68CU's, 6LFS 12Jan45. Became 4990M.

DS620 - 115Sq, 1668CU Aug44, Wrecked 14Nov44. 554hrs.

DS621 - 115, 408Sqs, Crashed near Pilmoor Junction, 2Jul44. 411hrs.

DS622 - 115Sq Feb43, 1668CU Aug44, Wrecked 28Nov44. 598hrs.

DS623 - 115Sq, 1678CU (SW-T) Jan43. SOC 29Aug44

DS624 - 115, 514 (JI-K), 426Sqs, Crashed 24Dec43

DS625 - 115Sq Mar43, First MkII Lost (Berlin) 30Mar43. 26hrs.

DS626 - 115, 426, 408Sqs; 1668CU, SOC 20Mar45

DS627 - 115Sq (A4-R) Apr43, Missing 30May43. 85hrs.

DS628 - TFU Apr43, 5MU Apr44, SOC Dec44

DS629 - 115Sq Apr43, Damaged beyond repair 19Mar44

DS630 - 115Sq Apr43, Lost (Peenemunde) 17/18Aug43. 137hrs.

DS631 - 115Sq, 1678/68CU's, 408Sq (EQ-I), SOC 4Nov44. 472hrs.

DS632 - 408Sq, Missing 20Feb44

DS633 - 426, 115, 514Sqs; Believed lost in Wash 21/22May44

DS634 - 115, 408 (EQ-A)Sqs; Lost (Hamburg) 28/29Jul44. 424hrs.

DS635 - 115Sq Apr43, 1679CU Jan43, Crashed 3Sep43

DS647 - 115Sq May43, Missing (Dusseldorf) 11Jan43. 28hrs.

DS648 - 1679CU, Crashed 21Sep43, MU's, Scrap Jan47

DS649 - 426Sq, 1679CU, Hit trees on farm near Torrington 6Nov43

DS650 - 426Sq, 1679/60/66CU's, Crash, Northumberland 3Mar44

DS651 - 1679CU, 408Sq (EQ-I) Apr44, Wrecked 16Aug44

DS652 - 115Sq Apr43, Crashed near Udem 12Jun43. 43hrs.

DS653 - 115Sq, 1678CU, Fell at Sturminster Newton 25Nov43

DS654 - 1657/78/68CU's, SOC after second crash 24Oct44. 495hrs.

DS655 - 115Sq Apr43, Missing (Essen) 27/28May43. 23hrs.

DS656 - 115Sq May43, 426Sq Jun43, 408Sq May44, Crashed 10Jun44

DS657 - 115Sq, 1679CU Jun43, 408Sq (EQ-L) Mar44, SOC Mar45

DS658 - 115Sq May43, Wrecked 4Sep43, 128hrs.

DS659 - 115Sq May43, Missing 27Aug43. 86hrs.

DS660 - 115Sq May43, Missing 13Jul43. 45hrs.

DS661 - 115Sq May43, Crashed 20Mar44. 260hrs.

DS662 - 115Sq May43, Missing 3Jul43. 34hrs.

DS663 - 115Sq May43, Missing 25Jun43. 33hrs.

DS664 - 115Sq May43, Missing 25Mar44. 238hrs.

DS665 - 115Sq. Dived into ground near Maidstone 11Aug43. 50hrs.

DS666 - 115Sq Missing 25Jun44. 17hrs.

DS667 - 115Sq Missing 2Jan44. 117hrs.

DS668 - 115Sq, Lost mining off French coast 19Jun43. 3hrs.

DS669 - 115Sq (KO-L), 514Sq (JI-C), Lost (Dusseldorf) 22/23Apr44.

DS670 - 115Sq Jun43, 1678CU Aug43, Wrecked 7Sep43. 55hrs.

DS671 - BDU Jun43 - Jan43, SOC Oct45

DS672 - BDU; Became 4958M at School of Aero Engineering.

DS673 - 115Sq Jun43, Lost (Hamburg) 2/3Aug43. 58hrs.

DS674 - 426Sq Jun43, Lost (Peenemunde) 17Aug43. 15hrs.

DS675 - 115Sq 13Jul43, Lost (Hanover) 22Sep43. 39hrs.

DS676 - 426Sq Jun43, Missing (Berlin) 23Aug43.

DS677 - 426Sq Jun43, Missing (Berlin) 31Aug43.

DS678 - 115Sq Jun43, Missing (Berlin) 25Mar44.

DS679 - 426Sq 30Jun43, Missing (Berlin) 26Nov43.



Lancaster B II DS708 (Queen of spades) of No. 426 (R.C.A.F.) squadron


DS680 - 115Sq Jul43, Missing (Berlin) 26Nov43. 146hrs.

DS681 - 426Sq, Lost with C.O. at Peenemunde 17Aug43. 25hrs.

DS682 - 115Sq, Landed Ford, hit by Ju88 5/6Sep43. 246hrs.

DS683 - 115Sq Jun43, SOC Oct43.

DS684 - 115Sq Jun43, Lost (Turin) 16Aug43.

DS685 - 115Sq Jun43, Lost (Hamburg) 2/3Aug43. 44hrs.

DS686 - 426Sq (OW-F) Jun43, Missing (Berlin) 27Jan44

DS687 - TDU Gosport Jan43 - Jul44. SOC Oct45

DS688 - 426Sq, 1679CU, 408Sq (EQ-R), Lost (Cambrai) 12/13Jun44

DS689 - 426Sq (OW-S), Missing (Stuttgart) 7Oct43

DS690 - 115Sq Jan43, Missing 13Jul43. 14hrs.

DS691 - 115Sq Jul43, Missing 9Oct43. 109hrs.

DS692 - 408Sq (EQ-S), 426Sq, Burnt out 24Jul44

DS704 - 408Sq (EQ-W), Missing (Frankfurt) 20/21Dec43

DS705 - 408Sq (EQ-K), Overshot at Dalton 23Jul44. 316hrs.

DS706 - 514Sq (JI-G) Sep43, Missing (Berlin) 30/31Jan44

DS707 - 426Sq Oct43, 1668CU Aug44, SOC Mar45

DS708 - 426, 408Sqs; Short Bros, Rochester, Feb45; RAE Tests with servo spring tab controls. Derelict at Foulness Island.

DS709 - 408Sq (EQ-P), Missing (Berlin) 28Jan44

DS710 - 514Sq (JI-J), 408Sq (EQ-H/A), Lost (Berlin) 27Jan44

DS711 - 426Sq Aug43, 38MU Dec44, Scrap May47

DS712 - 408Sq (EQ-G), landed in sewage near Lincoln 26/27Nov43

DS713 - 426Sq Jul43, Missing (Dusseldorf) 3Nov43

DS714 - 426Sq (OW-L) Jul43, Damaged Sep43, MU's, SOC Sep46

DS715 - 115Sq Jul43, Missing (Hamburg) 2/3Aug43. 20hrs.

DS716 - 426Sq (OW-U), 514Sq (JI-L), Lost (Frankfurt) 20Dec43

DS717 - 426Sq, Ditched 5 miles East of Aldeburgh 18/19Oct43

DS718 - 408Sq (EQ-R), Missing (Berlin) 29/30Dec43

DS719 - 426, 408 (EQ-U) Sqs, Missing (Essen) 26/27Apr44

DS720 - 115Sq Jul43, Missing 15Jan44. 115hrs.

DS721 - 115Sq Jul43, Missing 4Oct43. 82hrs.

DS722 - 426, 408Sqs, Missing 23Aug43

DS723 - 408Sq (EQ-D/B), Missing (Berlin) 26/27Nov43

DS724 - 408Sq (EQ-X), Abandoned in air over Yorkshire, 7Oct43

DS725 - 408Sq (EQ-B), 115Sq, Missing (Leipzig) 20Oct43

DS726 - 408Sq (EQ-Y), Missing (Cambrai) 12/13Jun44

DS727 - 408Sq (EQ-X), 1668CU, Became 4972M

DS728 - 115Sq Aug43, Missing (Cologne) 21Apr44

DS729 - 408Sq (EQ-D/H), Ground looped after action 7Jan44

DS730 - 408Sq (EQ-E), 1668CU, Became 4973M at 1666CU

DS731 - 408Sq (EQ-O), Missing (Schweinfurt) 24/25Feb44

DS732 - 408Sq (EQ-F), Engines failed over base 7Sep43

DS733 - 426Sq Sep43, Missing (Leipzig) 4Dec43

DS734 - 115Sq 4Sep43, Missing 24Apr44. 257hrs.

DS735 - 514Sq (JI-A) Sep43, Missing (Berlin) 30Jan44

DS736 - 514Sq (JI-L) Sep43, Missing (Leipzig) 20Feb44. 84hrs.

DS737 - 408Sq (EQ-C), Crashed, Yorks, ex-Berlin raid. 16/17Dec43

DS738 - 514Sq (JI-J) Sep43, Missing (Berlin) 2Dec43. 54 hrs.

DS739 - 432Sq Missing 3Jan44

DS740 - 432Sq Missing 15Jan44

DS741 - 426Sq (OW-T), Missing (Frankfurt) 22Mar44. 181hrs.

DS757 - 426Sq (OW-D), hit sea off Bridlington 5Mar44

DS758 - 408Sq (EQ-H) Aug43, Missing (Frankfurt) 21Dec43

DS759 - 426, 408Sqs (EQ-A), Missing (Dortmund) 22/23May44

DS760 - 426Sq Aug43, Missing (Berlin) 2/3Jan44

DS761 - 408Sq (EQ-V) Aug43, 46MU Sep44, Scrap Nov46

DS762 - 426Sq (OW-V) Aug43, Missing (Frankfurt) 20Dec43

DS763 - 426Sq (OW-O), 1668CU Aug44, Crashed 10Oct44. 551hrs.

DS764 - 115Sq Aug43, Missing (Berlin) 22Nov43. 89hrs.

DS765 - 115Sq (KO-A) Aug43, Lost (Leipzig) 4/5Dec43. 113hrs.

DS766 - 115Sq Aug43, SOC after third time damaged 23Mar44

DS767 - 426Sq (OW-P), 408Sq (EQ-Q), Lost (Brunswick) 14/15Jan44

DS768 - 408Sq (EQ-J), Overshot landing, Honeybourne 6/7Jun44

DS769 - 408Sq (EQ-J), 115Sq (KO-H), Lost (Hanover) 18Oct43

DS770 - 426Sq Aug43, Missing (Berlin) 3Dec43

DS771 - 426Sq, Missing (Stuttgart) 15/16Mar44. 114hrs.

DS772 - 408Sq (EQ-T), Missing (Cambrai) 12/13Jun44. 362hrs.

DS773 - 115Sq Aug43, Missing (Berlin) 23/24Dec43

DS774 - 408Sq (EQ-F) Sep43, Missing 3/4Nov43

DS775 - 426Sq Sep43, Lost (Berlin) 27Jan44

DS776 - 426Sq Sep43, Lost (Leipzig)  19Feb44

DS777 - 115Sq Sep43, Missing (Magdeburg) 22Jan44. 115hrs.

DS778 - 408Sq (EQ-U) Sep43, Missing (Kassel) 22/23Oct43

DS779 - 426Sq, Crashed Hunsinggore, breaking cloud 16Dec43

DS780 - 115Sq, Crashed on railway embankment Magdalan 14Sep43

DS781 - 514Sq, Missing (Duisburg) 21/22May44

DS782 - 115Sq (K), Missing (Berlin) 23Nov43. 194hrs.

DS783 - 514Sq (JI-J/B) Sep43, Damaged 3Dec43, 5MU, SOC Sep46

DS784 - 115Sq (JI-C) Sep43, Lost (Mannheim) 18Nov43. 85hrs.

DS785 - 514Sq (JI-D) 12Sep43, Lost (Schweinfurt) 24/25Feb44

DS786 - 514Sq (JI-E), 1668/61CU's, Became 4976M at 1661CU

DS787 - 514Sq (JI-F) Sep43, Missing (Kamen) 11Sep44. 451hrs.

DS788 - 432Sq Oct43, 408Sq Feb44, Missing 20Feb44

DS789 - 432Sq, 426Sq (OW-A) Feb44, Lost (Nuremburg) 30Mar44

DS790 - 408Sq (EQ-B) Nov43, Missing (Magdeburg) 21/22Jan44

DS791 - 408Sq (EQ-F) Nov43, Missing (Augsburg) 25/26Feb44

DS792 - 432Sq (QO-U) Nov43, Damaged 3Jan44, 46MU, SOC Jan47

DS793 - 115Sq 5Nov43, Missing (Berlin) 27Nov43. 6hrs.

DS794 - 432Sq Nov43, 426Sq Feb44, Lost (Berlin) 15Feb44

DS795 - 115Sq Nov43, Crashed 10Jan44, 24MU, 38MU, SOC Aug47

DS796 - 514Sq (JI-E) Nov43, 115Sq, Damaged 1Jan44. 20hrs.

DS797 - 408Sq (EQ-M) Dec43, Lost (Frankfurt) 22/23Mar44. 17hrs.

DS813 - 514Sq (JI-H) Sep43, Missing 29Jul44. 372hrs.

DS814 - 514Sq (JI-M) Sep43, Missing (Berlin) 26Nov43. 57hrs.

DS815 - 514Sq (JI-N) Sep43, Missing 23Mar43. 200hrs.

DS816 - 514Sq (JI-O) Sep43, Lost (Valenciennes) 15Jun44. 282hrs.

DS817 - 514Sq (JI-P), Lost (Frankfurt-am-Main) 20Dec43. 39hrs.

DS818 - 514Sq (JI-Q), Lost (Gelsenkirchen0 12/13Jun44. 305hrs.

DS819 - AFEE Sep43, Crashed on continent 29Jun45

DS820 - 514Sq (JI-A), (JI-R) Sep43, Crashed 17May44

DS821 - 514Sq (JI-S) Sep43, Ditched 29/30Dec43. 86hrs.

DS822 - 514Sq (JI-T), Lost (Massy Palaiseau) 7/8Jan44. 309hrs.

DS823 - 514Sq (JI-M/K) Oct43, Lost (Leipzig) 19/20Feb44. 87hrs.

DS824 - 514Sq (JI-K), Down in Zuyder Zee 21/22Jun44. 76hrs.

DS825 - 115Sq, Burnt after operation 8Nov43. 6hrs.

DS826 - 514Sq, 1678CU, 514Sq, 1668CU, SOC Mar45

DS827 - 115Sq (A4-D) Oct43, Crashed at Great Dunmow 5Feb44

DS828 - 514Sq Oct43, Missing (Dusseldorf) 22/23Apr44

DS829 - 426Sq (OW-U), Missing (Stuttgart) 15Mar44. 152hrs.

DS830 - 432Sq, 408Sq (EQ-H), 1668CU, SOC Mar45

DS831 - 432Sq Oct43, Missing (Berlin) 17Dec43

DS832 - 432Sq Oct43, Crashed and burnt 18Dec43

DS833 - 115Sq Nov43, Missing 28Jan44. 62hrs.

DS834 - 115Sq Nov43, Missing 30Dec43. 9hrs.

DS835 - 115Sq 24Nov43, Missing (Berlin) 16Dec43. 4hrs.

DS836 - 115Sq, 514Sq (JI-L), Lost (Nuremburg) 30/31Mar44. 82hrs.

DS837 - 426Sq, Hit ground at Yearsley in cloud 16Dec43

DS838 - 408Sq (EQ-A), 426Sq (OW-J), 1668CU, Crashed 26Feb45

DS839 - 1679CU, Crashed at Ridgemont, Bedfordshire, 23Jan44

DS840 - 426Sq (OW-C) Dec43, Missing (Nuremburg) 30Mar44. 86hrs.

DS841 - 426Sq (OW-Q), 1668CU Oct44, SOC Mar44

DS842 - 514Sq Dec43 - Jul44, 1668CU, SOC Mar45

DS843 - 432Sq Oct43, Missing 22Jan44

DS844 - 426, 432, 408Sqs; Missing 25Feb44

DS845 - 408Sq (EQ-T), Forced down in enemy territory 25Feb44

DS846 - 408Sq 18Oct43, Missing (Berlin) 27Dec43

DS847 - 432Sq, Crashed 1 mile west of Ingham, Lincolnshire. 16Nov43

DS848 - 432, 426, 408Sqs; 1668CU, Wrecked 26Mar45

DS849 - 408Sq (EQ-K), Missing (Berlin) 28/29Jan44

DS850 - 432Sq Oct43, Missing 15Jan44

DS851 - 432Sq Oct43, Wrecked 3Dec43

DS852 - 432Sq (QO-C), 426Sq (OW-P), Missing 30Mar44. 114hrs.

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