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Serial Range R4525 - R4744


150 Manchesters ordered from Fairey Aviation in September 1939 and cancelled. R4525-4554, R4572-4611, R4630-4649, R4670-4694, R4710-4744.


Serial Range R5273 - R5477


150 Manchesters ordered from Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft in September 1939 and cancelled. R5273-5320, R5339-5380, R5397-5426, R5448-5477.


Serial Range R5482 - R5763

Lancaster I

200 Manchesters ordered from A V Roe (Manchester) September 1939 and built as Lancaster I delivered from February to July 1942 with Merlin 20 engines. Those remaining operational in early 1943 had Merlin 22's substituted.


Lancaster I R5482 February 1942


R5482 - 97Sq(OF-C) Feb42, 101Sq Oct42, Crashed 10Dec42, 84hrs

R5483 - 97Sq Feb42, 1654CU Apr43, 622Sq, Lost 24Jan44. 450hrs

R5484 - 44Sq Mar42, 83Sq(OL-V)Mar43, Lost 17Apr43. 67hrs

R5485 - 102Sq, TFU, 1657CU, 467Sq, Lost 19Jul44. 542hrs.

R5486 - 97Sq Coningsby 24Feb42, Crashed 24Feb42.

R5487 - 97Sq(OF-V) 28Feb42, Missing 27Jul42, 174hrs.

R5488 - 97Sq(OF-F), 61Sq(QR-F), Mar42, Missing 4Jul42, 123hrs.

R5489 - Named GEORGE by King George VI, 44Sq, Crashed at Branston 16Aug42, 115hrs.

R5490 - 97Sq Feb42-43, 1654CU; 622, 15Sqs; 5MU, Scrap Jan48.

R5491 - 61Sq, 24MU, 1656CU Oct42, Wrecked 28May43.

R5492 - 44, 106Sqs; 1661CU; Dived into ground, Exeter, 3Sep43.

R5493 - 44Sq(KM-M), First Lancaster lost on operations, 24Mar42, 6hrs.

R5494 - 44Sq(KM-O) Mar43, Burst into flames 7Jul42, 97hrs.

R5495 - 97Sq Coningsby 10Mar42, Missing 8/9Jun42. 119hrs.

R5496 - 97Sq(OF-U) Mar42, Lost 5Sep42, 155hrs.

R5497 - 97Sq(OF-Z)Mar42, Lost 18Dec42, 38hrs.

R5498 - 207Sq, Crashed on road at Bottesford 8Apr42.

R5499 - 207 Con Flt Bottesford, Lost 11Aug42, 176hrs.

R5500 - 207, 460Sqs; 1656, 1667CU's;1LFS, Became 4902M 4STT.

R5501 - 207Sq, Struck by Master DK793 and crashed 28Mar42.

R5502 - 97Sq(OF-M) 15Mar42, Missing 29Aug42. 192hrs.

R5503 - 206Sq, 1660CU, 50Sq, 1664/1651CU's. Became 5452M.

R5504 - 207Sq(EM-P) Mar42, 1660CU Feb43, Became 3881M 4STT.

R5505 - 207, 61Sqs, ECFS Jan43, MU's, Broken up Jan47.

R5506 - 44Sq(KM-P), Shot down 17Apr42 in Augsburg raid.

R5507 - 207Sq(EM-Z) Apr-Nov42, 101Sq, ILFS, Various CU's. SOC Nov45.



R5508 - 44Sq(KM-B) Aircraft in which Wg/Cdr Nettleton won his VC.17Apr42, 1660CU Oct42, 38MU, 15Sq(LS-C), SOC Jan47.

R5509 - 207Sq Bottesford 12Apr42, Missing 17Aug42. 108hrs.

R5510 - 44Sq(KM-A), Shot down 17Apr42 over Augsburg.

R5511 - 61Sq Apr42; 1654, 1656CU's. Became 3606M.

R5512 - 97Sq(OF-C) Mar42, Crashed in Holland 21Dec42 359hrs.

R5513 - 97Sq(OF-P), Missing on Augsburg raid 17Apr42.

R5514 - 44, 156Sqs; 1654CU, 622Sq, 3LFS, 90Sq, Scrap Nov46.

R5515 - 44Sq(KM-A) 17Apr42, Fell in N. Sea 6Jun42. 81hrs.

R5516 - 44Sq(KM-F) 4Apr42, Missing 5/6Jun42. 82hrs.

R5517 - AAFE, 61Sq 2May42, Missing 23Jun42. 67hrs.

R5537 - 97Sq(OF-B) Coningsby 4Apr42, Lost 25Aug42. 120hrs.

R5538 - 97Sq Apr42, 1660CU Dec42, became 3481M

R5539 - AAEE, Dived into ground on test 18Apr42. 15hrs.

R5540 - 61Sq, 44 Con Flt, 1661CU, Crashed 18Jan43.

R5541 - 97Sq 24Apr42, Crashed near Wragsby 30Apr42.

R5542 - 44Sq, 106 Con Flt, 24MU, 46MU, 83Sq, 1667CU, 3LFS, 54MU, 3LFS, 1660, 1661 CU's; SOC Oct45 after five crashes.

R5543 - 61Sq, North Luffenham Apr42, Damaged 20Aug42. 177hrs.

R5544 - 61Sq, North Luffenham Apr42, Missing 1/2Jun42. 18hrs.

R5545 - 61Sq, North Luffenham Apr42, Crashed 1May42.

R5546 - Handling Sq AAEE Apr42, 50Sq, Lost 31Mar44. 502hrs.

R5547 - 44Sq, 1661CU, Crashed 8Sel43 at Balderton. 506hrs.

R5548 - Named 'ELIZABETH', 97Sq(OF-A), Crash 28Dec42. 261hrs.

R5549 - 207Sq, 1661CU, 12Sq, 1667CU, 1LFS, 1656CU, SOC Nov44.

R5550 - 207Sq(EM-B), Burnt on Bottesford flare path. See L7385.

R5551 - 97Sq, 106Sq May42, Missing 15Jun43. 365hrs.

R5552 - 97Sq(OF-P), 20MU, 166Sq, Missing 20/21Dec43.

R5553 - 97Sq May42, Damaged on operations 6May42.

R5554 - 44Sq Apr42, Missing 20Sep42.

R5555 - 44Sq Apr42, Missing 8/9May42.

R5556 - 44Sq(KM-C) Apr42, 1661CU, Crashed 13Mar43. 304hrs.

R5557 - 44Sq Waddington 24Apr42, Missing 9May42.

R5558 - 97Sq Coningsby Apr42, Missing 14Jul42. 61hrs.

R5559 - 97Sq Apr42, 1662CU Feb43, Became 3605M.

R5560 - 61Sq Apr42, 1654CU Oct42, Became 3471M.

R5561 - 61Sq 27Apr42, Missing 30/31May42. 37hrs.

R5562 - 61Sq 26Apr42, Missing 1Jul42. 64hrs.

R5563 - 61Sq 26Apr42, Missing 20Aug42. 65hrs.

R5564 - 83Sq Apr42, Missing 2Jun42. 47hrs.

R5565 - 83Sq, 46MU, 83Sq, NTU, 61Sq, Missing 22Jan44. 308hrs.

R5566 - 83 Con Flt Apr42, 83Sq Sep42, Lost 7Nov42. 149hrs.

R5567 - 83 Con Flt, 83Sq Sep42, Crashed 26Sep42. 171hrs.

R5568 - 44Sq 30Apr42, Missing 8/9May42.

R5569 - 97Sq 1May42, Crashed on operations 14Nov42. 134hrs.

R5570 - 207Sq(EM-F) May42, Missing 9Dec42. 230hrs.

R5571 - 97Sq 15May42, Missing 3Jun42. 12hrs.

R5572 - 97Sq 15May42, 106Sq Apr43, Missing 26Jun43. 424hrs.

R5573 - 106Sq May42, Lost 9Jul43. 477hrs.

R5574 - 106Sq May42, Lost 22Dec42. 121hrs.

R5575 - 97Sq, 106 Con Flt, 97Sq, Missing 17Jan43. 100hrs.

R5576 - 106Sq May42, Destroyed by fire 21Jul42. 58hrs.

R5603 - 44Sq(KM-D) 7May42, Missing 4/5Aug42. 116hrs.

R5604 - 97Sq 15May42, Missing 1Aug42. 25hrs

R5605 - 61Sq Jun42, Missing over Atlantic 21Aug42. 105hrs.

R5606 - AFEE May42-May43, Became 4130M at 4STT.

R5607 - 97Sq (RAE in Jun42), Missing 12Mar43. 251hrs.

R5608 - 106Sq 10May42, Missing 26Jul42. 72hrs.

R5609 - 97Sq, TFU, AAEE;97, 106Sqs; 1LFS, 1662CU, Became 5288M.

R5610 - 83Sq(OL-G) May42, Missing 25Aug42. 141hrs.

R5611 - RAE May42, 106Sq Oct42, Missing 14May43. 239hrs.

R5612 - 97Sq, RAE, 97Sq, 106Sq, ETPS,, 38MU, Scrap 22May47.

R5613 - 61Sq 16May42, Missing2/3Jun42. 24hrs.

R5614 - 97, 106Sqs Apr43. Crashed and burnt 1Aug43. 440hrs.

R5615 - 61Sq 16May42, Missing 28Jun42. 79hrs.

R5616 - 207Sq 19May42, Missing 17Aug42. 147hrs.

R5617 - 44Sq 19May42, Crashed and burnt 25May42.

R5618 - 61Sq, 20MU, 1654CU, 54MU, 5MU, Scrap May47.

R5619 - 83Sq May42, Accident 4Jun42, Missing 26Jul42.

R5620 - 83Sq 19May42, SOC 26Jun42. 46hrs.

R5621 - 83Sq 20May42, Damaged 11Jun42 and SOC. 29hrs.

R5622 - 83Sq 23May43, Missing 18Apr43. 247hrs.

R5623 - 83Sq 23May43, Missing25Aug43. 82hrs.

R5624 - 44Sq May42, 1661CU Nov42; 24, 46, 5MU's; Scrap May47.

R5625 - 83, 50, 83Sqs; 38MU, 622Sq, Missing 9/10Jul44. 535hrs.

R5626 - 83Sq except for 50Sqin Jul42, Lost 4Apr43. 273hrs.

R5627 - 61Sq 27May42, Missing 3/4Jun42. 13hrs.

R5628 - 207Sq May42, Missing 10Sep42. 105hrs.

R5629 - 83Sq(OL-J) 25May42, Missing 6May43. 342hrs.

R5630 - 83Sq(OL-T) 24May42, Missing 17Jan43. 221hrs.

R5631 - 44Sq, 106Con Flt, 1660CU, 3LFS, 90Sq, Became 5052M.

R5632 - 207Sq 2May42, Lost 24Jul42. 103hrs.

R5633 - 207Sq 2May42, Lost 13Aug42. 139hrs.

R5634 - 97Sq, 38MU, 1667CU, 24MU, 5MU, Scrap May47.

R5635 - 207Sq 1Jun42, 1661CU Feb43, Became 3508M.

R5636 - 83Sq 1Jun42, Damaged beyond repair 11Jun42. 16hrs.

R5637 - 106Sq Jun42, Damaged 28Jan43, Missing 30Jan43.

R5638 - 106Sq 7Jun42, Missing 11Set42. 118hrs.

R5639 - 50Sq 5Jun42, Lost (Osnabruck) 17/18Aug42. 99hrs.

R5640 - 83Sq 2Jun42, SOC 30Jun42. 9hrs.

R5658 - 49Sq, 1654CU, 38MU, 1668CU, 5LFS. SOC May47.

R5659 - 83Sq 2Jun42, SOC 8Jun42. 16hrs.

R5660 - AFEE, 50Con Flt, 1654CU, Crashed 30Oct42.

R5661 - 61Sq 7Jun42, Lost 19Aug42 over Atlantic. 152hrs.

R5662 - 61Sq 8Jun42, Missing 25Aug42. 127hrs.

R5663 - 61Sq 7Jun42, Missing 4Jul42 over Atlantic. 41hrs.

R5664 - 44Sq, Middle East 7Jul42, Damaged 28Aug42. 78hrs.

R5665 - 44Sq Jun-Oct42, 106Sq(ZN-D) Nov42, Lost31Jul43. 487hrs.

R5666 - 44Sq(KM-F) 9Jun42, Lost (Nuremburg) 18Dec42. 289hrs.

R5667 - 83Sq, 1656CU Oct42, 1657CU, Crashed 19Aug43. 341hrs.

R5668 - 106, 207Sqs; DBU, 1661CU, 5LFS, Became 4901M 4STT.

R5669 - 83Sq(OL-E), 44Sq(KM-Z) Sep43, Lost (Berlin) 24Dec43.

R5670 - 83Sq 11Jun42, Burnt in accident 7Nov42. 168hrs.

R5671 - 83Sq(OL-F), NTU, 1656CU, LFS, MU's, EANS, Scrap Jan47.

R5672 - 97Sq Jun42, 39MU, 1656CU, 1LFS, Crash 9Apr44. 695hrs.

R5673 - 83Sq(OL-L) 15Jun42, Missing 7Nov42. 135hrs.

R5674 - 207, 103Sqs; 1662CU, 54MU, 3LFS, Hit R5846 18Dec44.

R5675 - 97Sq 16Jun42, Missing 27/28Jun42. 10hrs.

R5676 - 106Sq & Con Flt, 1660CU, spun in 12Feb43. 208hrs.

R5677 - 106Sq(ZN-B) ex-39MU Jun42, Lost 30May43. 512hrs. 67ops.

R5678 - 106Sq ex-39MU Jun42, Missing 16Aug42. 87hrs.

R5679 - 61Sq 20Jun42, Missing 25Sep42. 165hrs.

R5680 - 106Sq ex-39MU Jun42, Missing 15Jan43.

R5681 - 106Sq 19Jun42, Lost on Essen raid 17Sep42. 123hrs.

R5682 - 61Sq 20Jun42, Lost 4/5Sep42 over Bremen. 131hrs.

R5683 - 106Sq Jun42, Missing 26Jul42. 52hrs.

R5684 - 106Sq Jun42, Missing 25Aug42. 196hrs.

R5685 - 50, 44,460Sqs; 1667CU Jul43, Crash 30Sep43. 316hrs.

R5686 - 207Sq, 38MU Dec42, 83Sq Mar43, Lost 12Jun43. 176hrs.

R5687 - 44, 50Sqs Mar43, Lost (Hamburg) 27/28Jul43. 518hrs.

R5688 - 50Sq, 46MU, 12Sq Apr43, Ditched 13/14May43. 69hrs.

R5689 - 50Sq(VN-N) Jun42, Burnt returning on 19Sep42. 138hrs.

R5690 - 50Sq, 50 Con Flt, 1654CU, 3LFS(A5-S), 46MU, SOC 28Oct46.

R5691 - 50Sq 29Jun42, Missing (Milan) 4Oct42. 213hrs.

R5692 - RAE, 39MU, 1667CU; 15,75, 90Sqs; 3/5LFS, SOC May47.

R5693 - 39MU Jun42, 207Sq Aug42, 46MU, 5MU, SOC May47.

R5694 - Middle East Jul42, 207Sq Sep42, Crash 25Nov42. 99hrs.

R5695 - 39MU Jun42, 207Sq Sep42, Missing 26Nov42. 128hrs.

R5696 - 97Sq 29Jun42, Missing 12Jul42. 11hrs.

R5697 - 44Sq; Twice damaged, Missing 21Dec42. 248hrs.

R5698 - 1654CU 4Aug42, Wrecked 1Sep43.

R5699 - 61Sq 2Jul42, Crashed on operations 21Dec42. 346hrs.

R5700 - 106Sq, 5MU, 9Sq(WS-N) 29Jun43, Missing 22Sep43. 397hrs.

R5701 - 97Sq 2Jul42, Missing 6Oct42. 137hrs.

R5702 - 106, 50, 460, 100, 625Sqs, Lost 15/16Feb44. 147hrs.

R5703 - 61Sq, Crashed after dinghy had inflated 1Oct42.


Crew of R5724


R5724 - 61Sq(QR-F) Damaged at Viborg, crashed Wittering 25Sep42.

R5725 - 50Sq(VN-F) 16Jul42, Lost (Dusseldorf) 10/11Sep42.

R5726 - 50, 44, 100Sqs; 1662CU, 5MU, 5LFS, Crashed 4Apr44.


Lancaster BI R5727 (CF-CMS) over Montreal


R5727 - 44Sq, To Canada as Pattern. Became CF-CMS.

R5728 - 50Sq 7Jul42, Missing (Saarbrucken) 30Jul41. 30hrs.

R5729 - 44Sq(KM-A), Twice damaged, Missing 15Jan44.

R5730 - 1654CU, 5LFS, 1656CU, Crash 15Mar45, MU's, SOC 29Jan47.

R5731 - 106Sq, Crash 8Jan43, Missing (Hamburg) 4Mar43. 183hrs.

R5732 - 44Sq 11Jul42, Crashed 11/12Aug42. 57hrs.

R5733 - 50, 44Sqs; 1654CU, 5MU, 3LFS, 6LFS, Scrapped May47.

R5734 - 1654CU; 61Sqs(QR-V) Jan44, Missing 31Mar44. 529hrs.

R5735 - 50Sq 12Jul42, Missing 15Aug42. 47hrs.

R5736 - 1654CU, 207Sq, 1660CU, Crashed 6Jul43. 513hrs.

R5737 - 61Sq 15Jul42, Missing 30Jul42. 12hrs.

R5738 - 97Sq 13Jul42, Damaged on operations 10Jan43. 217hrs.

R5739 - 1654CU, 15Sq Dec43, Missing 20Feb44. 810hrs.

R5740 - 44Sq(KM-O) Jul42, Missing 26Jun43. 416hrs.

R5741 - 97Sq 15Jul42, Missing 2Sep42. 89hrs.

R5742 - 61Sq 19Jul42, Missing 29Aug42. 32hrs.

R5743 - 83Sq(OL-H) Crash 18Nov42, Lost 19Feb43. 164hrs.

R5744 - 49Sq Jul42, 9Sq(WS-E) Dec42, Lost 5/6Sep43. 526hrs.

R5745 - 207, 460Sqs; Blown up at Binbrook 3Jul43.

R5746 - 50Sq(VN-Q) 23Jul42, Missing 12Aug42. 27hrs.

R5747 - 50Sq, 1654CU, Crash 21Jul 43, Became 4371M.

R5748 - 106Sq 23Jul42, Missing four days later. 8hrs. (Is this the shortest calendar life?)

R5749 - 106Sq Jul42, Missing 13Mar43. 88hrs.

R5750 - 106Sq Jul42, Missing 19Feb43. 320hrs.

R5751 - 49, 57Sqs; 1661CU, 1LFS, 1656/62/68CU's then 5257M.

R5752 - 49Sq 21Jul42, Damaged operations 7Sep42. 63hrs.

R5753 - 50Sq 23Jul42, Crashed 17Nov42. 186hrs.

R5754 - 83Sq 25Jul42, Lost (Berlin) 29/30Mar43. 258hrs.

R5755 - 207Sq Jul42, Wrecked Sep42.

R5756 - 207Sq, 46MU; 1667, 1651, 1660, 1661CU's; SOC Oct45.

R5757 - 49, 156, 61Sqs; 1661CU, 5LFS, 46MU, Scrap Jan47.

R5758 - 207Sq, 1660CU(YW-J), Crash 3May43. 323hrs.

R5759 - 61Sq 1Sep42, Missing Wismar raid 1/1Oct42. 51hrs.

R5760 - 207Sq 26Jul42, Missing 13Aug42. 43hrs.

R5761 - 207Sq 26Jul42, Missing 6Aug42. 27hrs.

R5762 - 49Sq Jul42, Damaged 6Oct42, Missing 21Dec42. 201hrs.

R5763 - 49Sq 28Jul42, Missing 3Sep42. 72hrs.

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