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Spitfire Mk.PRXIX PM651

Squadron: no crest.

Type: VS390

Engine: Griffon 66

Serial/Reg. PM651

Sqdn-code: THUM (Temperature and Humidity Flight)

Role in film: Static, Currently: stored


Another of the mixed batch of XIs and XIXs built at Reading; PM651 was apparently issued to the Civilian Repair Depot at White Waltham on 27th November 1945. It was placed in store with No.6 MU at Brize Norton on 30th September 1947 and remained there until transferred to Airwork General Trading at Gatwick on 15th January 1951, where it was refurbished. Ready for collection on 23rd May it returned to Brize Norton two days later and remained there for three more years until taken out of moth balls and issued to the THUM Flight at Woodvale on 15th March 1954, probably as a replacement for PM652, which had been lost in a fatal forced  landing near Pulverbeach, Shropshire, on 4th March. Its flying career was short as it was involved in a landing accident at Woodvale on 14th April and suffered Cat.4 damage. The repairs were assessed as uneconomic and the aircraft allocated to Home Command as display airframe 7758M, being struck off charge on 16th July 1954.

PM651 soon appeared guarding the gate at Hucknall and then moved to Andover, appearing as airfield dressing in the Battle of Britain before being refurbished in PRU blue by No.71 MU Bicester for use as a travelling exhibit and being finally installed as gate guardian at the wartime PRU HQ, Benson in 1971. It was moved to RAF Hendon and in 1991 was in store at RAF St Athan.

Current location RAF Museum reserve collection, Stafford, Staffs stored.

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