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Spitfire Mk.LFXVIe RW393


Type: VS361

Engine: Packard Merlin 266

Serial/Reg. RW393

Sqdn - code: 203AFS (Advanced Flying School), 31 -, No.3 CAACU – B (Civilian Anti Aircraft Cooperation Unit), 603 - XT- A

Role in film: Static, Currently: display


Another of the Castle Bromwich aircraft, RW393 was delivered to No.6 MU at Brize Norton on 20th July 1945 and remained in store for more than two years until issued to No.203 Advanced Flying School on 3rd November 1947. It was transferred the Fighter Command Control and Reporting School, Middle Wallop an 22nd January 1948, but two years later flew to Hendon, where, as the personal aircraft of the AOC Fighter Command – Air Marshal Sir William Elliot – it was placed in the charge of No.31 squadron (Metropolitan Communications Flight) and painted white with a red cheat line made up of minute crosses. It suffered Cat.3 damage due to a landing accident on 22nd March 1951 and a party from No.58 MU at Skellingthorpe carried out repairs between 2nd April and 16th May and it rejoined No.31 squadron the following day.

RW393 continued in its specialized role until 28th October 1953, when it joined No.3 CAACU at Exeter, coded “B”, being retired to No.45 MU Kinloss on 6th July 1954 and classified as non-effective stock on 13th December. Issued to No 602 squadron as an instructional airframe, 7293M, on 27th March 1956, it was allocated to Turnhouse for display duties on 6th March 1957 and placed outside the station HQ on the opposite side of the road from the civil airport. Refurbished by the engineering wing at Kinloss in 1976 and carried the markings of No.603 (City of Edinburgh) squadron RAuxAF as “XT-A”.

Moved to St Athan in1991 and on to the museum at Cosford in 1998.

location, RAF Museum, Cosford - display.

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