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The survivors

Flying Survivors

I have tried to identify all the known flying spitfires and grouped them by Mark.

Mark I - AR213, P9374, X4650, N3200

Mark II - P7350

Mark III - PP972 (Seafire)

Mark V - AB910, AR501, BL628, BM597, EP120, EP122, AR614, JG891

Mark VIII - MT719, MT818, MV154, MV239

Mark IX - MA793, MH367, MH415, MH434, MJ627, MJ730, MJ772, MK356, MK732, MK912, MK923, MK959, ML407, ML417, PL344, PT462, PV202, PV270, RR232, SM520, SL633, TA805, TE308, TE517, TE554

Mark XI - PL965, PL983

Mark XIV - MV262, MV293, NH749, NH904, RM689, RN201, SM832, TZ138

Mark XVI - RW386, SL721, TB863, TB885, TD248, TE184, TE311, TE356, TE384, TE392, TE476

Mark XVII - SX336

Mark XVIII - SM969, TP280

Mark XIX - PM631, PS853, PS890, PS915

Mark 47 - VP441

Static Survivors

Again I am hopeful that I have managed to identify all remaining aircraft and grouped them by Mark. This list includes identifiable excavated aircraft as discovered by various aviation archeological groups that have the potential for restoration.

Mark I - K9851, K9942, P9306, P9320, P9372, P9373, P9444, P9451, R6915, X4276, X4560, X4590

Mark II - P7533, P7540, P7819, P7973, P8080, P8208, P8332, P8599, P9541, MB293(Seafire), MB369(Seafire)

Mark III - RX168(Seafire)

Mark PR IV - AA810, AB314, BP923

Mark V - AD540, AR523, BL370, BL534, BL585, BL614, BL628, BL655, BL688, BM539, BR108, BR491, BR545, BS164, BS199, BS231, EE602, EE606, EE853, EF545, JK448, LZ844(T), MA353, MA863, MH592

Mark VII - EN474

Mark VIII - JF294, JF620, JG267, JG355, JG484, JG668, MD228, MD338, MV321, MV459, NH631

Mark IX - BR601, BS410, EN145, EN179, EN199, LZ842, MA298, MA764, MA793, MH350, MH603, MJ143, MJ147, MJ271, MJ755, MJ783, MJ789, MJ874, MK805, MK997, ML119, ML196, ML255, ML417, ML427, NH188, NH238, NH341, NH417, NH799, PT601, PV270, PT766, RK858, SM639, TE213, TE294, TE517, TE554, TE565, TE566

Mark XI - PA908, PL979, PL983

Mark XII - EN223, EN224

Mark XIV - MT847, MV246, MV370, RM694, RM797, RM873, RM921, RM927, SM914

Mark XV - PR376, PR422, PR426, PR432, PR451, PR503, SR462, SW800

Mark XVI - RR263, RW382, RW388, RW393, SL542, SL574, SL611, SL674, SM411, TB252, TB382, TB752, TD135, TD314, TE214, TE288, TE330, TE392, TE456, TE462

Mark XVII - NN498, SX137, SX300

Mark XVIII - SM845, SM986, TP263, TP276, TP285, TP298, TP367, TZ219

Mark XIX - PM627, PM630, PM651, PS836

Mark 21 - LA198, LA226, LA255

Mark 22 - PK355, PK481, PK624, PK664

Mark 24 - PK683, PK724, VN485

Mark 46 - LA546, LA564

Resurrected Survivors

This list includes identifiable excavated aircraft as discovered by various aviation archeological groups that remain as parts only or their whereabouts or condition is unknown.

Mark I - N3040, N3231, P9503, R6958, X4170, X4593, X4773

Mark II - P7309, P7530, P8074

Mark III - NN411(Seafire)

Mark IV - AB130

Mark V - BL581, BR528, W3628

Mark VIII - MT928

Mark IX - BS464, JK940, MH750, ML411, PT879, TE578

Mark XIV - NH649, RN210, RN601

Mark XVI - TB287

Mark 22 - PK518, PK519.

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