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Spitfire Mk.LFXVIe TE184


Type: VS361

Engine: Packard Merlin 266

Serial/Reg. TE184, (G-MXVI)

Sqdn - code: 203AFS, 226OCU, 607- LA-A

Role in film: Static, Currently: airworthy

Notes: visited aircraft 2006 not flown or maintained for some time just been sold. (900,000)


This aircraft, like all other Mk.XVIs, was built at Castle Bromwich and was delivered to No.9 MU at Cosford on 30th May 1945 to be placed in store. On 12th October it was transferred to No.20 MU at Aston Down and 11 months later, on16th September 1946, it moved to No.6 MU at Brize Norton. There followed a two-year spell in store until 7th September 1948, when TE184 was issued to No.203 Advanced Flying School (later renamed No.226 Operational Conversion Unit). It remained in service with the OCU until 27th February 1950, when it was transferred to No.607 RAuxAF based at Ouston, where it was one of a pair of Mk16 Spitfires on charge with the unit, the rest of the aircraft being Mk22s or Harvards. This posting was a short one, as on 13th June the aircraft was placed in store at No.33 MU Lyneham, remaining there until 9th November, when it joined the Central Gunnery School at Leconfield. 30th January 1951 saw an accident which resulted in Cat.3R damage being sustained, but on 27th February this was recategorized as Cat.5(GI) and TE184 was converted to ground instructional use and delivered to No.64 Reserve Centre at Long Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, with the maintenance serial 6850M.

1952 saw a move to No.1855 squadron ATC at Royston, Lancs., and here it remained on static exhibition until February 1967 when it was taken to RAF Bicester. It was then used as a static airframe in the film The Battle of Britain. On completion the aircraft was moved to Finningly to join the museum collection there. Superficial restoration work being carried out and the codes ME-M applied in yellow, but in August 1970 it was transferred to No.5 MU Kemble for restoration and respray as LA-A prior to its delivery to No.23 MU Aldergrove in late 1971 for storage on behalf of the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra Manor. By March 1977 the museum was in a position to place the aircraft on outside display, but it was soon seen to be deteriorating in the maritime climate and it was placed in side as a conservation measure.

Sold to Nick Grace in 1986. Registered G-MXVI to Myrick Aviation Services February 2nd 1989 and rebuilt as a high back Mk.XVI with first flight on November 23rd 1990. Sold to Alain de Cadenet in 1995. To Hawker Restorations on 5th December 1996. Repainted in free French Air Force markings (2002). Moved to OFMC at Duxford until its future has been decided.

Recently restored at Booker by PPS. The G2 Trust's MKXVI Spitfire TE184 took to the skies again after overhaul by PPS in the hands of test-pilot Jonathon Whaley on the 20th of February 2009.

Current location Wycombe Air Park airworthy.

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