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Spitfire Mk.Ia X4650



Type: VS349

Engine: Merlin

Serial/Reg. X4650/G-CGUK

Sqdn-code: 54 - KL-A


Spitfire X4650 was built to contract 19713/39 by Vickers Armstrong's (Supermarine) Ltd. at Woolston and first test flown on 23rd October 1940. It was delivered to the RAF on 25th October and into the hands of 24 MU at Ternhill. On 14th November 1940 it was taken on charge by 54 Squadron at Catterick, as a result of the crash on 28th December 1940 Cat.W/FA damaged was recorded and it was struck off charge on 4th January 1941.

On 28th December 1940 this aircraft and another of the same squadron were undertaking a training exercise when they collided at 12,000 feet, this aircraft cut through the tail section of the other aircraft. The pilot of this aircraft was new to the squadron, he made a practice attack on the other aircraft but struck the tail of the other aircraft slicing it off. His aircraft had damage to it's canopy and had flattened it's tail fin where as the other aircraft went into a spin, but this aircraft did not, it remained in level flight for a time allowing the pilot to bale out. The aircraft then crashed into the bank of the River Leven at Red Hall Farm, Kirklevington. The pilot escaped serious injuries.

Pilot - Sgt Charles Howard Squire RAF (968401), of Wallasey, Cheshire.

Howard Squire was almost certainly born Charles Howard Squire in 1920. On 7th December 1940 he was the pilot of Spitfire N3292 which suffered damage at Catterick. On 26th February 1941 Sgt Squire became a PoW on his first operational flight of the War when Spitfire P7443 was shot down by flak.

VMI Engineering has been contracted to Supply the Fin unit, Ailerons, Flaps, Rudder and Radiator Fairing for Peter Monks MK I Spitfire Restoration, X 4650. VMI has spent hours restoring as many original parts as possible to be able to release to service all the components contracted to supply. The Aircraft is being restored to flying condition and should fly during 2011

Supermarine Spitfire Mk I X4650 made its first post-restoration flight at Biggin Hill, Kent, on March 9, with well-known display and Red Bull racing pilot Paul Bonhomme at the controls. Restored by The Spitfire Company (TSC) at Biggin Hill for owners Dan and Tom Friedkin of Chino, California, USA, the fighter performed flawlessly during the 35min flight, and was due to begin a full test flight programme on March 16.

Current location Biggin Hill airworthy.

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