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Below are listed the sources from which I have researched the information. I understand that in many cases I have cut and pasted a lot of information from individual sites or a combination of sites. My intention is not to detract from these sites or make any form of commercial gain but in many instances the research carried out can not be bettered and to dilute the information by re-writing would not do justice to the original authors.

Web sites.

Air of Authority - A History of RAF Organisation -

Fleet Air Arm Archive 1939-1945 -

Wings palette -

Hawker Hurricane defender of the empire -

Mosquito production and serial numbers -

British Aircraft of World War II -

Australian Defence Forces serial numbers -

Lost Bombers –

Greg Goebel / In The Public Domain -

Warbird Alley -

RAF Museum -


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Lancaster-The Story of a Famous Bomber—Bruce Robertson, Copyright © 1960 Bruce Robertson ISBN 0 900435 10 0

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