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As mentioned on the home page there are quite a significant number of aircraft that have carried the suffix 666. In some cases there are sufficient numbers to warrant a page for one particular type. In other cases I have grouped individual aircraft together perhaps by manufacturer. E.g. clicking on Avro Lancaster will also give information on the Lincoln.

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Airspeed Oxford

Airspeed Horsa



Avro 504

Avro Lancaster

Avro Lincoln

Avro Anson

BAC  New!

Boulton Paul Defiant

Bristol Aircraft

Bristol Blenheim

Bristol Beaufighter

Bristol Beaufort

Bell Airacobra  New!

Other B (under research)

Chance Vought Corsair

Curtiss (under research)

Other C (under research)

DeHavilland Mosquito

DeHavilland Aircraft

DeHavilland Aircraft Pre-war

Douglas (under research)

EE Canberra (under research)

Fairey Aircraft

Other F (under research)

Gloster Aircraft

Other G (under research)

Handley Page

Hawker Hunter

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Aircraft

Hawker Siddeley Nimrod

Lockheed (under research)

Miles (under research)

Other M (under research)

Nieuport 17 (under research)

North American

Percival (under research)

Royal Aircraft Factory (under research)

Scottish Aviation

Short (under research)

Sopwith Aircraft

Supermarine Spitfire

Spartan 7W Executive

Other S (under research)

Vickers (under research)*

Other V (under research)

Vickers Wellington

Waco (under research)

Westland (under research)*

Full list of all '666' aircraft.

*Although Vickers and Westland built Spitfires only Vickers and Westland specific aircraft will be covered.

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