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Spartan 7W Executive AX666 (YI-SOF)


The Spartan 7W Executive is a five-place all metal monoplane that features retractable landing gear and a luxurious interior. The Executive was designed to be fast and comfortable with extensive insulation to lower cabin noise levels. Executives were used for business and personal transportation, and set a new standard for speed and style. The overall level of technology and performance was comparable to the best fighter airplanes of the day, and this was reflected in a high cost – a factory-new Executive cost $23,500 in 1937. NC13993 is the second production aircraft of just 34 built, and is the only example with a control stick instead of a control wheel. It was used extensively for factory flight-testing. George Mennen used to spray aftershave into the exhaust when he flew, to help advertise his products.

Built by the Spartan Aircraft Company, Tulsa, OK. ATC # 628 granted on 2-15-37, expired 10-20-41.

Serial No 7W-19 was a $30,000 customized aircraft built in 1939 for King Ghazi of Iraq as “Eagle of Iraq” (registration YI-SOF). The aircraft went to the RAF as AX666 in 1940. The aircraft became a training aid in 1941.



26 ft. 10 in.


8 ft. 0 in.

Empty Weight

3,400 lbs.

Gross Weight

4,400 lbs.

Oil Capacity

7 gal.

Fuel Capacity

109 gal.


39 ft. 0 in.

Total Wing Area

250 sq. ft.

Cruising Range

900 miles

Cruising Speed

215 mph

Maximum Speed

257 mph

Service Ceiling

24,000 ft.

Serial Number


Price at Factory



450 hp., Pratt and Whitney R-985-AN3, 985 cubic inch, 9-cylinder radial


 Spartan 7W Executive in flight

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