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Spitfire Variants

Other survivors


The survivors

The following pages detail the aircraft used, their service life and their current condition and whereabouts. Use the links to jump to an aircraft of your interest. While I have endeavoured to keep this up to date the warbird market may have caused some of the aircraft listed to have changed ownership or location.

New! I am currently compiling pages for all surviving spitfires, I will deal with the flying examples initially and hopefully in time all spitfires. Follow this link to other survivors.

Spitfire Mark I

K9942, AR213, P9374

Spitfire Mark II


Spitfire Mark V

AB910, AR501, BL614, BM597, EP120,

Spitfire Mark IX

MH415, MH434, MJ627, MJ772, MK297, MK356, TE308,

Spitfire Mark XIV

MT847, NH904, RM689, RM694,

Spitfire Mark XVI

 RW382, RW393, SL574, SM411, TB382, TB863, TD248, TE184, TE311, TE356, TE384, TE476,

Spitfire Mark XIX

PM631, PM651, PS853, PS915,

Spitfire Mark 21

LA198, LA226, LA255,

Spitfire Mark 22

PK624, PK664,

Spitfire Mark 24


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